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Management at A Glance

No description

Waqas Ali

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Management at A Glance

Decision Making

Foundation of Planning

Strategic Planning
Management At A Glance
Functions of Management
Detail 4
* How does personality effect employee's
Group Members:
Syed Waqas Ali Gillani
Furqan Malik
Khubaib Ahmed

Presented to:
Sir Dr Nayyer Masood
Who are they?
Why we need them?

"An individual who is
in charge of a certain group
of tasks, or a certain subset of
an organization."
Types of Managers
Functions of Managers
"An Organization is deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose"

Characteristics of An Organization:

Open system
Goal oriented
Collection of people
Consists of technology
Roles of Managers
Technical Skills
Human Skills
Conceptual Skills
Umar Al Khattab(RA)
(634 CE-644 CE)
Military Department
Tax Department
Education Department
Police Department
Financial Department
* Foundation of Behavior

* Understanding Groups and Teams

* Motivating Employee

* Leadership

* Foundation of control
Foundation Of Behavior
Why Study organizational behavior (OB)?
"Studying people at work "
< Iceberg Concept

< Individual behavior and group behavior

< Goals of OB

< Four Factors
< Personality: Unique combination of
emotional thoughts &
behavior pattern
* Classification personality traits
* Big five model
<openness to experience etc
* Emotions
< Anger, fear, sadness, happiness, disgust & surprise
< Social interaction
Extrovert or introvert
< Preference for gathering data
Sensing or intuitive
< Preference for decision
Feeling or thinking
< Style of making decision
Perspective of judgmental
OB issues are facing managers today
1. Managing negative behavior in the
Understanding groups and teams
* Groups in an organization
Factors effect group behavior
< Formal
< Informal
< External Factor
< Internal Factor
< Group Structure
Groups As Effective Team
Types of team
* Problem solving
* Self managed
* Cross Functional
* Virtual team
* Creating effective teams
Challenges facing managers in team
* Managing global team
* Understanding social network
*Leader & leadership
*Contemporary view on leadership
< Team leadership
*Major leadership issues today
Foundation of control
Control Process
Organizational Process
< Measure
> Control
Contemporary issues facing by managers
a. Adjusting
b. Workplace concerns
c. Controlling customers
d. Corporate governance
1. Roles of board of directors
2. Financial reporting
Supervised by:
Sir Arshad Ahmed Butt
"The process of dealing with
or controlling things
or people."
Decision making Process
Identification of problem.
Allocation of weights.
Developing, analyzing and selecting alternatives.
Implementation of alternatives.
Checking of effectiveness.

Goals and plan
a. Goals
i. Strategic
ii. Stated
b. Plans
i. Breadth
ii. Time frame
iii. Specificity
iv. Frequency of use

"The set of managerial decisions
and actions that determines
the long-run performance
of a corporation. "
Human Resource Department.
Managing change and Innovation .
-External factor
-Internal factor
Current issues
-Changing organizational change
-Handling employee stress

HR management
New employee & reward
-Skill based pay
-Variable pay
Managers facing HRM


Ayesha Rafique
Types of plans
According to time dimension:

Short term: Upto one year

Medium Term: >1 yr but <5yrs

Long term : >5yrs

Types of Goals
Strategies & tactics

"The Messenger of Allah
(sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “
There is no wisdom equal to good
planning.” [Mishkat]"
"Motivation is derived from the
Latin word ‘movere’ which means
‘to move’ or ‘to energize’
or ‘to activate’."
Theories Of Motivation
Content Theories about Motivation:

-Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
Alderfer’s ERG Theory

Process Theories about Motivation:

-Expectancy Theory
-Goal Theory
-Adams’ Equity Theory

Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:

e. Management Ethics
This term refers to principle's, values and beliefs
that define what is right and wrong.

Management ethics is the ethical treatment of employees, stakeholders, owners, and the public by a company.
Islamic Ethics:
“You are the best of peoples,
evolved for mankind, enjoining what
is right, forbidding what is wrong,
and believing in Allah”
Quran (3:110)

Defining ethics in Islam:
The term most related to ethics in Qur’an is khuluq

The Quran uses different words to define goodness.

Social Responsibilities In Islam:
Moral And Ethical Principles.

Adaption to Change.
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