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The Body Shop SWOT Analysis


Jini Villalino

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Body Shop SWOT Analysis

In 1970, Anita Roddick visited a shop in Berkeley,
California selling naturally-scented soaps and lotion called The Body Shop. The natural, environmental-friendly cosmetic shop inspired Roddick to open her own shop in the UK in 1976. In 1987, Roddick purchased the naming rights from the original The Body Shop. In 2006, L'Oréal acquires The Body Shop. BRIEF HISTORY COMPANY OVERVIEW - It is the original, natural and ethical beauty brand with over 2,500 stores in over 60 markets worldwide.
- The first international cosmetics brand to be recognized under the Humane Cosmetics Standards in their Against Animal Testing Policy.
- Set up their own Community Fair Trade Program in which 30 suppliers in more than 20 countries committed to trade ingredients fairly in the cosmetics industry.
- Set up their own charity, The Body Shop Foundation that gives financial assistance and support to organizations like Teenage Cancer Trust and GreenPeace to achieve progress in the areas of human and civil rights, environmental and animal protection.
- Five Core Values: Support Community Fair Trade, Defend Human Rights, Against Animal Testing, Activate Self-Esteem and Protect Our Planet. PRODUCTS ARTICLE PERIOD AFTER OPENING SYMBOL SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS:
Brand Loyalty - unique products, environmental-friendly retailer.
Parent Company - L’Oreal’s advertisements and marketing increase sales (not applicable in the Philippines)
Charity Works - enhances its image in local society.
Market - they target customers with ethical issues.
Lack of Product Advertisements.
Too Expensive for Filipino Market.
Product Development - they can take advantake of
L’Oreal's Research and Development department
to create and improve their own products.
Brand Comparison -L’Oreal products is considered
unethical that may be harmful to their reputation.
Substitutes/Competitors - LUSH is their global
competitor. REFERENCES: http://www.thebodyshop.com
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