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Melbourne Transport

No description

Tanbir Gulati

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Melbourne Transport

The City Project
By: Fono, Steph, Thien, Jackson and Tanbir
As part of the learning curriculam in RAPPs, we were given 3 days to travel into the city to complete certain activities and research.
Our big idea/question:
Where we collected most of our information:
What we discovered:
We discovered that more than 40 people of the public said that they felt safe only "sometimes" when they travelled on public transport.
In conclusion, our hypothesis was prooved wrong as we thought that most people would feel safe using public transport but after completing the surveys, the data showed that most people felt safe only "sometimes".
On the first day in the
city, we went with our
homegroups to the
Sky Eureka Viewing
We spent the rest of the
day as a group, walking
around and completing
a few surveys.
*Selfie time*
*Hungry Jacks?
Yehh .. Let's go*
*Ahhh!!! Too high*
As part of our assesment in RAPPs, we were given another 2 days in which we had to travel into the city and complete surveys on the public as well as interviewing a professional who belonged to the certain area we chose to research.
What we chose to research on:
The area we chose to complete our surveys and interviews on was transport.
Why we chose to do
our research on transport:
*No .. we're going to do public transport .. end of discussion!!*
*Transport moves the people .... that's why we're researching
on it*
We chose to do transport because we use it everyday.
Our big idea/question was
"Do you feel safe when using public transport in Melbourne?"
Our hypothesis:
Our hypothesis was
'Most people feel safe when using public transport here
in Melbourne'
*Lets just take the bus ....
it's so much easier*
How we collected our information:
Once we were in the city, we had agreed on splitting up and collecting certain amounts of information, which we would bring back and count at the
end of the day. Some of us went off to complete surveys on the public while others went and did the interview
on our professional.
*Okay .... you go that way and we'll meet back here at 12 ....
got it?*
*Wait .... isn't Flinders St. Station that way?*
The main areas we collected most of our information in was Federation Square and Melbourne Central.
Who we interviewed as our 'special guest':
Our 'special guest' was a local train driver who had been part of PTV for a long time. We asked him questions like how do you like working in public transport and what kind of customers do you get? We remember him as a kind yet serious man but the only thing we didn't remember was his name.
*I can't be bothered walking to
Melbourne Central .... it's too far*
*What was his name again?
Yehh nahh ..... I didn't write it down*
Thanks for watching!!
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