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No description

Megan O'Neill

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Magnetism

How are magnets used today? Magnets are used in many different feilds such as medicine, astronomy, electronics, transpertation, and toys. Medicine Magnets is used as a type of therapy. Magnetic theropy helps relive pain, reduce inflamation, and helps the body recover from injuries. Magnets can also be benificial to cronic back pain and arthritis pains. Magnets help with relaxing muscles and fluid retention. Astronomy Magnets help space craft fly without using fuel. Now spacecrafts use thrusters or jets of gas that pust the space craft in the opposite direction. But thruster can shorten the length of the mission because of limited supplies of fuel.Reachers are developing technology that replace thrusters with electromagnets. Every space craft would have coils made of superconducting wire and would run electric currents through them. Wich would make every space craft a magnet with a north and south pole. The poles can then be charged to repel or atract other space crafts. Electronics In TV's ther is a cathode ray that shoots electrons toward the screen. Thes electrons normally shoot in a straight line but electromagnets deflect the electrons toward every direcetion on the screen. The magnets in Tvs help us see are favorite shows. Transportation Some buses use magnetic steering. There are special sensors on these buses that detect magnets in the pavement and control steering based on the information it recives. The driver still controls brakes and aceleration. But all steering is done by this system. Toys Magnets are used in the game Operation to increase the intensity of the game. Different areas on the board are magnetised so when you try to get the plastic piece with your metal tweezers you are drawn to the edges of the space and get zapped. Recources Pictures
Web Pages http://www.wisegeek.com/how-are-magnets-used-to-improve-health.htm

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