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Online Ordering System MIS4:System Analysis and Design

No description

Afrah Faroha

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Online Ordering System MIS4:System Analysis and Design

Online Ordering System
MIS420:System Analysis and Design
About company
System Request
Non-functional requirements
Operational Requirement
Performance Requirement
Security Requirement
Cultural and political Requirements
Instructor Name:
Ms. Amira Bahaaldeen
Done By: Smiley's
Hanaa Falemban, LAG053
Afrah Ibrahim, JAG221

Al-Masar Motors is in the automobile business which was established 30 years ago. They provide an out class Automobile experience while ensuring Quality and Value for Money at its best, and they are maintaining a well-equipped workshop under the same roof managed by qualified technical personnel trained by Almasar Motor.

We have chosen to build an online system to order cars, and it’s used by customers and employees. The system will facilitate customers’ orders, and the employee will be able to follow the process of the order.

Project Selection
Project Sponsor
Business Need
Business Requirements
Business Value
Special Issues

Feasibility analysis
Technical Feasibility
Familiarity with Application
Familiarity with Technology
Project Size
Economic Feasibility
Software installation= 30,000
Labor: analysis and design = 100,000
Consultant fees = 30,000
Labor: Implementation =100,000
Training = 15,000
Total development cost = 275,000

Development cost

Labor: computer operations = 50,000
Labor: Network Technician = 55,000
Software upgrades = 2,000
Software licenses = 4,500
Hardware upgrades = 18,000
Marketing expenses =75,000
Labor: Webmaster =150,000
Total operational cost = 516,500

Operational cost
From an organization perspective, this project has low risk. The objective of the system, which is to increase sales and make higher profit, is matched with the top management goal. Moving to the internet will achieve marketing goals. The internet system will add value to the current business model, so it will proof concept of future internet endeavors.
Organizational Feasibility

Project Champion: Mohammed Harazi, strategic performance developer
Senior manager: Mohammed Sami
Internet consumers: Customers & Employees.

Informational Gathering

Informational Gathering
Requirement Analysis Technique
Business Process Improvement (BPI):
Duration Analysis:
the amount of time it takes to perform each process
Informal Benchmarking:

Interview notes approved by: Branch Manager
Person Interviewed: Mohammed Sami
Summary of interview:
- They want the new system to save time and effort.
- They need the new system to provide easier connection to customers, customers’ orders, and suppliers.

Thank you for your listening
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