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Stanford by: Gerardo Barrera

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on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Stanford by: Gerardo Barrera

Stanford by:Gerardo Barrera
About Stanford
Stanford is known for its entreprenreil character,drawn from the legacy.the cost for a room and board is around $12,721$.The cost for tuition is around 41,250.
Stanford's location
Stanford is between San Fransico and San Jose in the heart of California's Silcon Valley.Their address is 355 Galvez Street Stanford. It is 5 hours and 35 minutes away from CRMA #4.
Stanford's phone numbers
Stanford's main number is (650)-723-2091. Their General Fax number is (650)-726-2846. Their Fax for Applicant Credentias is (650)-723-6050.

The Founders
The founders of Stanford were Leland a former govener and his wife Jane Latherop Stanford.The school was founded in the time of 1885.
Stanford mascot is the red cardinal because of a big game they won.
Men and Women at Stanford
In Stanford the men percentage is 49.8 who go to stanford and 50.2 women go to stanford.

Famous people part.1
Academic Leaders: Derek Bok, former Harvard president; William Brody, President, Johns
Hopkins; Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Syracuse; Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation; Rev. William Leahy, President, Boston College; Richard Levin, President, Yale; and Robert Shelton, President, University of Arizona.

Astronauts: Eileen Collins, Mike Fincke, William Fisher, Owen Garriott, Susan Helms, Mae Jemison, Tamara Jernigan, Gregory Linteris, David Low, Edward Lu, Bruce McCandless, Barbara Rudding Morgan, Ellen Ochoa, Scott Parazynski, Sally Ride, Stephen Robinson, Steve Smith and Jeff Wisoff. Scientists and Inventors: Vinton Cerf, co-author of Internet protocol; Ray Dolby, designed noise reduction systems; and Brent Townsend, inventor of 56K modem.

Business Leaders: Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft; Eric Benhamou, Chairman, 3Com; Jeff Bewkes, CEO, Time Warner, Inc.; Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, founders of Google; Doris Fisher, co-founder, Gap, Inc.; Joseph Gallo, CEO, E&J Gallo Winery; Reed Hastings, Chairman and CEO of Netflix; William Hewlett and David Packard (both deceased), founders, Hewlett-Packard Co.; Philip Knight, Chairman and CEO, Nike, Inc.; Bill and the late Mel Lane, formerly of Sunset Publishing Corp.; Peter Magowan, President, San Francisco Giants; Scott McNealy, Chairman, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Robert Mondavi, founder, Mondavi Wines; Charles Schwab, CEO and Chairman, Charles Schwab Corp.; Greg Steltenpohl, co-founder, Odwalla; Peter Thiel, PayPal founder; and Jerry Yang and David Filo, founders, Yahoo!
Famous people part 2
Government Officials: Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak; Alejandro Toledo, former President of Peru; Warren Christopher, former Secretary of State; former U.S. President Herbert Hoover; Dana Gioia, Chairman, National Endowment for the Arts; William Perry, former Secretary of Defense; U.S. senators Jeff Bingaman, Kent Conrad, Max Baucus, Ron Wyden and Dianne Feinstein; Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer and Anthony Kennedy and former justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Athletes: Football players John Elway, Jim Plunkett, Trent Edwards, James Lofton and John Lynch; Olympians Kerri Walsh, Julie Foudy, Jessica Mendoza, Pablo Morales, Jenny Thompson, Janet Evans, Eric Heiden, Summer Sanders, Kerri Strug and Debi Thomas; women’s basketball players Nicole Powell, Jennifer Azzi and Kristin Folkl; baseball player Mike Mussina; men’s basketball players Mark Madsen, Casey Jacobson, Jason Collins and Jarron Collins; golfers Tiger Woods and Tom Watson; and tennis player John McEnroe.

Journalists and Writers: Ted Koppel, former ABC anchor; Henry Muller, editor-at-large of Time Inc.; authors John Steinbeck (deceased), Ken Kesey (deceased), Harriet Doerr (deceased), Michael Cunningham and Scott Turow; playwrights David Henry Hwang and Warren Leight; and U.S. poets laureate Robert Hass and Robert Pinsky.

Actors and Artists: Actors Ted Danson, Fred Savage, Jennifer Connelly, Andre Braugher and Sigourney Weaver; movie producers Roger Corman, Richard Zanuck, David Brown, Edward Pressman and Mike Tollin; movie directors Jay Roach and Alexander Payne; singer Agnes Chan
Majors with highest enrollment. Computer Science; Human Biology; Engineering; Science, Technology and Society; Biology.
Women Sports
Women's Varsity Sports Men's Varsity Sports
Basketball Baseball
Cross Country Basketball
Fencing Cross Country
Field Hockey Fencing
Golf Football
Gymnastics Golf
Lacrosse Gymnastics
Lightweight Rowing Rowing
Rowing Sailing
Sailing Soccer
Sand Volleyball Swimming and Diving
Soccer Tennis
Softball Track and Field
Squash Volleyball
Swimming and Diving Water Polo
Synchronized Swimming Wrestling
Track and Field
Water Polo
Video about Stanford
This video shows the students welcoming a new group of students and telling them what it is about.
Men's Sports

Women's Varsity Sports Men's Varsity Sports
Basketball Baseball
Cross Country Basketball
Fencing Cross Country
Field Hockey Fencing
Golf Football
Gymnastics Golf
Lacrosse Gymnastics
Lightweight Rowing Rowing
Rowing Sailing
Sailing Soccer

Mens sports
Community Service
Music/Dance/Creative Arts
Political/Social Awareness
Would this school be good for me?
This school would be good for me because it has things that I like:math,english,and sports.
What I want to ?
I want to be a game designer,and Stanford can help me with math, english,and coding so i can make a great game.
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Thanks For Watching
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