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Machine Gun Kelly

No description

Kayla Becker

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly By: Kayla Becker Who? Machine Gun Kelly or MGK is a famous rapper. Born: April 22, 1990 MGK spent the first four years of his life in Egypt. He spoke Arabic before English. Then he was moved to America and lived in
Los Angeles
Then staying in his hometown, Cleveland Ohio Growing UP Where was he from? MGK dosen't have a relationship with his mom, she left when he was only nine years old. When MGK was a teen his dad left to work for the army, but MGK was forced to stay behind and live in a neighbors basement and on the streets. While there he got into drugs.
Then his dad moved him to the camp with him to try and lead him in the right direction. His Career Machine Gun Kelly got his start at the Apollo Theater in New York in 2009.
As soon as MGK stepped on stage he got boo'd.
Then he ended up winning.. twice. he was the first rapper to ever win!
In 2011 MGK was considered
MTV'S hottest Break through artist. MGK'S daughter Say What His real name is Richard Baker His home town is Cleveland, Ohio. He got his name because of his rapid-fire lyrical flow.
he got this nickname when he was only 15! Machine Gun Kelly with a few of his awards Cassi is MGK'S only child.
he had her when he was only 18
He is no longer with cassis mother
she died while still pregnant with cassi. she did not survive and it was a mercial Cassi made it. Music 4 Mixtapes. Some songs include- Ratchet, Lead you on, and Wild Boy
Newest mixtape- Black Flag, released in late April 2013.
MGK has done songs with many other popular artist.
here are a few. He is famous for his hardcore-midwest raping style. MGK has a few 'logos'
Lace up
means to step up your game and get ready to rage (party hard)
Means Everyone Stands Together machine Gun Kelly dosen't want any one to feel lesser than him. He wants everybody to be equal. That's how EST started That means Lace Up Waka Flocka Wiz Khalifa Tech N9ne Lil Jon Meek Mill and many more MGK has also preformed for Jay Leno on
The Night Show. A Midwest Rapper Who Came Up From Nothing A major award MGK has got is
Breaking Woodie award from 2012.
Then in 2013 MGK had the honor of hosting the MTVU Woodie award High School!! Machine Gun Kelly went to Shaker Heights High school He Graduated in 2008 MGK got through high school by winning rap battles. That led up to him convincing a tee shop owner to take him under his wing and that's how MGK first got his name out. He is 23 He is also 6'3" What else make Machine Gun Kelly so amazing? 17 year old Ryan Yex had a rare desies that made him unable to walk.
but during the summer he promised MGK he was going to walk, only because of MGK'S music. Nobody thought Ryan could do it. But a few months later after MGK brought him on stage Ryan took 4 or 5 steps with no one holding him! Ryan had never stepped a day in his life until that day on stage in front of a ton of people! As of now, with MGK'S inspiring music Ryan has taken 66 steps. More about Ryan You have heard some pretty great things about Machine Gun Kelly. all the way form living on the streets to inspiring a kid to walk. lets not forget Ryan was told he would never be able to walk. Bottom line is MGK always says chase your dreams. and Ryan proves you can do anything you set your mind to. Ryan said he knew he could walk with the help from MGK because in Ryan's words "If MGK can start from nothing and do something great, so can I"
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