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No description

Carina Brega

on 1 August 2013

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Task I'm working
He's working
She's working It's working I'm calling He's calling She's calling It's calling You're calling They're calling He's travelling I'm travelling She's travelling You're travelling It's travelling we're travelling He's running It's running She's running I'm running We're running They're running You're running I'm studying You're studying We're studying They're studying She's studying It's studying He's studying I'm playing He's playing She's playing It's playing You're playing They're playing We're playing PRESENT CONTINUOUS
We're calling We're working They're working You're working They're travelling LEARNING THE PRESENT CONTINUOUS WITH LAURY AFFIRMATIVE FORMS 1. EXAMPLE AFFIRMATIVE FORMS They're not laughing We're not laughing You're not laughing It's not laughing She's not laughing He's not laughing I'm not laughing They're not reading We're not reading You're not reading It's not reading I'm not reading She's not reading Are they doing? Are we doing? Are you doing? Is it doing? Is she doing? Is he doing? Am I doing? Are they driving? Are we driving? Are you driving? Is It driving? Is she driving? Is he driving? Am I driving? NEGATIVE FORMS He's reading 2. EXAMPLE NEGATIVE FORMS 3. EXAMPLE INTERROGATIVE FORMS INTERROGATIVE FORMS En el tiempo present continuous con la forma afirmativa la oracion comienza con el PRONOMBRE mas el VERBO TO BE mas el VERBO que indica la accion mas la palabra ING. Ej: He is working pronombre verbo to be verbo de accion terminacion ING en la forma negativa colocamos el PRONOUN mas el VERB TO BE mas NOT mas el VERB de accion mas ING la oracion interrogativa empieza con el VERB TO BE mas el PRONOUN mas el VERB mas ING mas el SIGNO de interrogacion I am dancing He is dancing She is dancing It is dancing We are dancing They are dancing You are dancing CALL WORK TRAVEL RUN STUDY PLAY CRY SLEEP DRIVER THINK EXPLICACION: los verbos cortos que llevan vocal mas consonante aumentan su letra final es decir, son verbos cortos donde su penultima letra es una vocal, su ultima letra se duplica y luego se agrega la palabra ING. Ej: SHOP SHOPPING a diferencia de
WATH WATCHING. su penultima letra no es una vocal por ello no se repite su ultima letra. I am skating He is skating She is skating We are skating They are skating It is skating You are skating DANCE SKATE los verbos que terminan en "E" en el present continuous se deben eliminar para agregar el ING. EJ: RIDE RIDING los verbos que terminan en "Y" se deben dejar tal cual no se borra solo se aumenta la palabra ING. EJ: CRY CRYING ANDO - ENDO
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