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From a Passage to Africa Analaysis

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on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of From a Passage to Africa Analaysis

Genre - a passage from a book, non fiction and print

Audience - this piece is directed to a more mature audience, both genders, from younger adults on because it has some strong imagery

Purpose - to share his experience in Africa with the rest of the world, he does this by making it interesting and informative. Some could argue that his main purpose is to make money because he is a journalist. He also criticises journalism so he might want to raise awareness of the industry. For example in one line he said “in a ghoulish manner of journalists on the hunt for the most striking pictures.”

The piece has a definite plot, and is from a first-person perspective
The first couple paragraphs are structured in a type of note form, with extracts from his notes he took
The next few paragraphs are structured like a descriptive piece, with lots of adjectives, detail, imagery and is very emotional
The turning point of the story happens in the second-last paragraph of the story, by resolving to write this story

The heavy use of hyphens in throughout shows his flowing thoughts and create a more informal feel of the piece
Lots of questions help to involve the reader and show the writers confusion
Potential Exam Questions
How are the Somalians presented?
How is the hypocrisy of journalists news audience presented?
How does the passage bring out the challenges faced by the writer as a television journalist reporting the scenes of sufferings?
How does the writer present the desperate state of the Somalians?
Why was the smile of the man so shocking to Alagiah?
By: Oliver, Martina, Silvia, and A Hyun
From a Passage to Africa Analysis
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