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ASTOP 101 Middle School

No description

Rhianna Zuleger

on 8 March 2018

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Transcript of ASTOP 101 Middle School

What can I do?
If sexual assault has happened to you or someone you know, you should tell someone
If a friend confides in you, believe and support them
Case Management
Crisis Line
Legal Advocacy
Medical Advocacy
Prevention Education
Support Groups
What is Sexual Assault?
Any sexual act against your will, without your consent or when you are unable to freely give consent.
Sexual Harassment
Guilt & shame
Fear & anxiety
Denial of the assault

Assist Survivors. Treatment. Outreach. Prevention.

Effects of Sexual Assault
Changes in appetite
Eating disorders
Sleeping difficulties
Stress-related illness
Alcohol & drug abuse
Muscle tension
Stomach pain
Vaginal irritation
STD's & pregnancy
Isolation and withdrawal
Difficulty trusting people
Interpersonal conflict
Decline in academics
Myth or Fact?
If a victim does not fight back, it is not technically rape.
Someone can be sexually assaulted but never touched
Myth. Automatic body responses include Fight, Flight & Freeze
Fact. What else is considered sexual assault?
Over half of assaults happen in the victim's home
Fact. 55% of sexual assaults occur in or around the victims home. Why?
Men are victimized nearly as much as women
Fact. Although 10% of victims that come into crisis centers are men, under reporting is a barrier. Why are there so few reports from men?
Victims are asking for it by the way they act or dress
Myth! Victims are NEVER asking for it
Women say "no" when they really mean "yes"
Myth. No always means NO.
The majority of people that are sexually assaulted are under 18 years old
Fact. What are the average ages for male and female?
Survivors are usually believed
Myth. On average,how many times does a child disclose before they are believed?
Women don't commit sexual assault
Myth. Although men are much more likely to commit sexual assault, women still can and do-about 4%
Who should I tell?
When ASTOP was started
Why ASTOP was started
What this means for others
False reports of rape are common (more than 50%)
Myth. Only a small percentage turn out to be false
Once someone gives consent, they can not change their mind
Myth. Consent can ALWAYS be withdrawn. How often should we get consent?
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