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Mohamed A.H.

on 2 February 2015

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Transcript of RACISM IN SPORTS

History Of Racism In
1960's and 1970's- Black footballers attacked with fruit and endured racism abuse from opposition fans.
1980's- Paul Canoville racially abuse by own fans and attacked with bananas.
Turkish midfielder Emre Belozoglu has been accused of racism abuse 4 times in his career,3 of those were whilst when he was playing in England.
Provide a historical background and cultural context of racism in sports.
Investigate possible theories surrounding the construction of race.
Discussing the current situation regarding racism and whether the issues surrounding racism can be reserved.
Ethics: A definition.
Racism In Sport.
Racism in sports occurs in both team and individual sports around the world.
It has led to a wide range of controversial incidents which have been reported in the media.
The sport itself does not induce racism. The people that participate in the playing, organization, and implementation of sports bring racism into sports. Some nations, such as the United Kingdom, have used sports in order to battle the overarching racism in its society.

Racial and discrimination Disgraces in major sport organizations such as FIFA.
the politics of organization concerning discrimination in sports,
"Lets Kick Racism Out Of Football"
Principles For An Ethical Framework For
Basic justice and fairness
Avoiding potential or apparent conflict of interest
Duty of care
Trustworthiness and honest
Harm Prevention
Ethics is a system of moral principles, The practice of making principled choices between right and wrong. It affect how people make decisions and lead their lives.
Ethics is concerned with what is good for individuals and society and is also described as moral philosophy.
The term is derived from the Greek word 'ethos' which can mean custom, habit, character or disposition.






Racism remains a "significant problem" in British football despite improvements in recent years.

John Whittingdale MP, chair of the inquiry, said: "Recent incidents of racist abuse in the UK highlight that there remain significant problems."

MPs also said homophobia may now be the most prevalent form of discrimination.

Last December, Liverpool's Suarez was handed an eight-match ban and a £40,000 fine by the Football Association after being found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United's Evra.

The Croatian Football Federation has been fined 80,000 euros (£65,000) after fans directed racist abuse at Italy striker Mario Balotelli.

Croatian Coach Slaven Bilic also expressed his anger at the incident. He said: "[Racism] is a big problem all around Europe and all around the world. "

current racism
I have chosen to do a 1500 word essay along with a 10 slide presentation
Ethical Dilemma
Racism can be defined in many ways. However racism in association football is the abuse of players, officials and fans because of their skin colour, nationality, religion or ethnicity. Some may be targeted because of their association with an opposing team. However, there have been instances of individuals being targeted by their own fans
An ethical dilemma is a complex situation that often involves an apparent mental conflict between moral imperatives.
"Lets Kick Racism Out Of Football"
Kick It Out was established as a campaign with the brand name 'Let's Kick Racism Out of Football' in 1993 and as an organization in 1997.
Since this campaign was established,it had a great impact as the number of racism at that time increased.
Racist incidents
Jan 1995: Eric Cantona attacks a fan who racially abused him
Prior to 2000

Jan 1995: Eric Cantona attacks a fan who racially abused him

Feb 1995: English right-wing extremists riot at Republic of Ireland v England match causing the match to be abandoned.

June 1996: English fans, in London to watch England play Switzerland, attack two brothers and a woman of Asian origin, and a young black person.

Nov 1996: Manchester United’s Andy Cole is racially abused by Juventus fans

Mar 1997: Nathan Blake refuses to play for Wales after accusing manager Bobby Gould of making racist remarks in training.

Nov 1997: Chester City ordered to pay £2,500 damages after manager Kevin Ratcliffe is found guilty of racially abusing a black apprentice

Feb 1998: Large numbers of Leeds fans chant ‘You’re just a town full of Pakis’ and ‘You’re just a town full of niggers’ at Leicester City fans

Nov 1998: Bari FC, an Asian side in East London, are attacked and racially abused by opponents. One player is left unconscious after being beaten with a corner flag, kicked and stamped on

June 1999: Donald Findlay, vice-chairman of Rangers, resigns after leading players and fans in singing sectarian songs

Oct 1999: Coventry’s Youssef Chippo is racially abused by a large number of Newcastle fans.
Since 2000

Apr 2000: A Turkish restaurant owner is beaten up and his restaurant torched in Sheffield by Leeds fans after two Leeds fans are murdered in Turkey.

Dec 2001: Referee Gurnam Singh successfully sues the FA for racial discrimination.

Aug 2002: Neil Lennon, a Catholic, receives death threats before playing for Northern Ireland.

Oct 2002: England’s Emile Heskey and Andy Cole are racially abused by Slovakia fans.

Apr 2003: FA fined £70,000 for pitch invasion and racist abuse by England fans at Euro 2004 qualifier v Turkey.

Sep 2003: England’s black players are racially abused by Macedonia fans.

Apr 2004: Ron Atkinson resigns from his job with ITV after being heard on television describing Chelsea’s Marcel Desailly as “what is known in some schools as a f*****g lazy, thick n****r”.

Dec 2004: Four Blackburn fans are fined and banned from matches for 4 and 5 years for racially abusing Birmingham’s Dwight Yorke.

Aug 2005: 10 men are jailed for between 8 and 18 months for their part in a violent attack on a Portuguese-run pub after England's defeat to Portugal in Euro 2004 on 24th June. They were part of a mob which shouted racial abuse and hurled missiles smashing 37 windows at the pub in Thetford, Norfolk, leaving eight people injured and staff and customers forced to barricade themselves inside.

Nov 2005: Anderlecht’s Nenad Jestrovic is sent off for racially abusing Liverpool’s Momo Sissoko in a Champions League match at Anfield.

Jan 2006: Peterborough manager Mark Wright is suspended, and then sacked, for gross misconduct after a dispute stemming from the alleged racial abuse of defender Sean St Leger. In 2001 he resigned as manager of Oxford United after being fined and given a 4-match ban by the FA for making allegedly racist remarks at black referee Joe Ross.

Mar 2006: 39 people are charged following disorder and racist chanting at an FA Cup tie in Stoke between Stoke City and Birmingham City in February.

Jun 2007: Labour councillor David Phythian is given a 3-year football banning order for racially abusing Spurs player Pascal Chimbonda at a Wigan v Spurs match in April 2007.

Feb 2008: Avram Grant, Chelsea's Jewish manager, received antisemitic death threats in a package containing white powder. He reveals he'd received dozens of antisemitic emails and letters from people claiming to be Chelsea fans, many of which had been copied to Chelsea's Jewish owner Roman Abramovich.

Mar 2008: 2 Plymouth fans were given an indefinite ban by the club after they made racist remarks towards Watford players and officials

Racist incidents
By Mohamed AH
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