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Digital Story Telling

No description

Erica Brinsfield

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Digital Story Telling

Digital Storytelling A New Age in Storytelling An Introduction to Digital Media Elements of a Digital Story What Materials Do I need? Images Can I use this in the classroom? The Power of a
PowerPoint Purpose
Point of View
Voice Overs
Creation of the Story Yes! Digital Stories can do the follow:
Enhance lesson plans
Create meaningful units
Integrate multimedia development
Is adaptable to any grade level
Provide meaning, motivation, and interest Use the Internet search engine to look for your images. Using a PowerPoint is your bases for creating a digital story. It is a process of combining various digital media to create or tell a story. takes teaching and learning to a new level An educational medium 1. An idea for a digital story!
2. Make an outline of how you want your story to play out.
3. Research photos and images online or on paper. If you use paper you must scan them onto your computer.
4. A narration. What are you going to say on your digital story? Download the images to your desktop. Save them in a folder! Watch out for copyright images!!! This allows you to design your story to your specifications. Here you can place images with text! Created by Erica Brinsfield
Information Provided by Dr. Gill Animate your images on the slide show Animate the slides for transitions. Talk the Talk Once your PowerPoint is completed..... 1. Have your microphone plugged into your computer (if you don't have a built in one).
2. Go the the Slide Show in the navigation button-scroll down to record narration.
3. Start talking!
4. Remember to stop talking before you switch slides.
5. Play the PowerPoint. What programs are available? Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Photo Story 3 Apple iPhoto Apple iMovie What is the point in creating digital storytelling? Challenges the creative mind! Uses technology and 21st century skills! Develops research skills! Integrates multiple skills and learning! Follows Common Core!
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