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Summit Brewery Tour

No description

Jennifer Johnson

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Summit Brewery Tour

Welcome to Summit Meet Mark Sales Posters! T-Shirts! Hats! Barware! Keychains! Bring your beer with you- we insist! Bathrooms are located
near the entrance and gift shop-
on the left! Join us in the taproom

Fridays from 3p-8p! Sign up for
our newsletter at
www.summitbrewing.com First new brewery built in
Minnesota in 76 Years! About 300 investors currently-
22% Employee-Owned Built on an old Texaco Petroleum Tank Farm
for a whopping... Dankeschön! ONE DOLLAR! Started as a Microbrewery =
Less than 15,000 Barrels a Year

Now are considered a Craft Brewery One barrel
31 gallons
or two kegs Summit Brewed 112,451 Barrels Last Year... Summit is a Craft Brewery What does that mean? Distribution Unchained Series
*Released 3x A Year
*Current Batch- #12 100% Organic Ale + + + = Reinheitsgebot:
1516 Bavarian
Purity Law MALT water hops YEAST BEER! On to the rest of the tour! We LOVE Summit Beer! Founder and Brewmaster
Summit Brewing First kegging! Original Location First transaction! Be careful in the brewery-
and watch your step! & Mmm... Beer! Three FREE samples after the tour! OLD LOGO CURRENT LOGO Seasonal ---> Seasonal ---> Seasonal---> <---Seasonal We REALLY love it! First Location on University Avenue Get to the bottom of it... 1.7 Barrel Pilot Brewery Across from the gift shop... Again... don't touch anything! ABV: 4.5% IBU: 60 Session IPA,
rose, potpourri nose with light malt backbone Tap Handles! Mugs! Feel free to take pictures! Food trucks! Special firkins! Flights and pints of beer! New brewing
equipment from
Hurnerbrau Brewery
in Ansbach Germany Opened in December 1998.. Summit employs over 60 people! Brand Spankin'
New Logo!
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