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Inwill tell u why i love skateboarding and why i skate aswell

Ultimate Nugget

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Skateboarding

Thank You

What It is like to skate
Skateboarding Slang
Skateboarders have something called a "Skateboarding Slang". Words like "Sick" and "Rad Dude" apply to this. It is like another language.
Why A lot Of people like skateboarding
One reason that a lot of people like skateboarding is because it is really fun to watch!
Very quickly did this progess.
Skateboarding is a very free sport for me. Whenever I pick up a board I feel that all of my problems are put aside and I can do anything. It makes you feel AWESOME, especially when you land an awesome trick.
The History
It occered in the 1950's that surfers wanted to invent skateboarding or "Concrete Surf". Which they did by making wood decks, with clay rollerskate wheels.
New gear, companies, and competitions were up and going, and before you new it, epecially when the very first XGames went up.
Today I will show you why me and many others love the sport skateboarding.
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