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Sonya Dudley - How to Connect, Not Convince

Plexus Diamond Ambassador Sonya Dudley shares tips on how to connect with new potential recruits, particularly focusing on relationship building vs. simply trying to convince.

Leaders Corner

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Sonya Dudley - How to Connect, Not Convince

In network marketing, having an intimate connection with someone is essential in gaining the trust needed to motivate people to join your team.

A connection is best secured through low-pressure, highly social situations where you have the abililty to engage a person's desires and needs. When meeting in the middle with the person, offering a solution is likely to interest them.
Connecting vs. Convincing in Network Marketing
In this presentation, Sonya Dudley will share her thoughts on the idea of connecting, not convincing, in network marketing.

For more, visit her website at: https://www.sonyadudley.com
For more, visit Sonya's YouTube channel on Network Marketing
Convincing is not the desired strategy, as it may come off as you being pushy or desparate, turning them off to the idea. That's why establishing a relationship, a connection, is so important.

If you try to get someone to sign up on your team before a personal connection has been establish, kiss the prospect goodbye.
Sonya Dudley
How to Connect vs. Convince
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