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Online Instructional Components

No description

Tasha High

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Online Instructional Components

Online Instructional Components
The component is to assess the learning of the student and to see if the student can apply what they have learned in a real life situation of their own choosing that is related to the topic being studied. This promotes critical thinking in the students.
Course Calendar
This particular tools is used for students to check for the assignments and their dates, assessment availability, projects dates and the dates of any other information a student may need in their course. Also schedule changes will appear on the calendar. This is one of the first components a student should consult. This tool helps the students to stay organized.
Online Lectures
An online lecture is comprised of many components that help introduce a student to the lesson. There may be powerpoint presentations that include information that is essential to the lesson, reading assignments and other examples that give the students the opportunity to view information that is in the lesson.
Discussion Forums
The part of the instructional components is simply a means by which the teacher uses to test the student's understanding of the lesson. In this part, the student is given a question that will promote critical thinking and make sure the student understands the lesson. But this section will also promote socialization and somewhat of collaboration.
The online lecture can either be done at
the end of a lesson as a summary of all
that has been read or at the beginning
as an introduction of what is about to
be read.
The discussion forums are used as points
between lessons to allow the students to express
what they feel they have learned.
The teacher uses these forms to discuss any
other information concerning the lesson that the
student may have left out or didn't understand.
The forums are for the students to show their learning
progress before the end of the lesson.
Learning Activity #1
In this activity, the lesson involved comes from a history class. The lesson involves the burning of Washington in 1814. This will be the first learning activity.
Learning activity # 1 will consist
of the student being directed by the course home
page to check the course calendar to see the
reading assignment and other important dates for
the lesson. The online lecture will be dated to be
done after all the readings for that week's
assignment to review with the students the reading. The
discussion forums will be dated to be completed one day later. The project will be to make a timeline of the events that lead up to the burning of Washington, D.C.

Learning Activity # 2
This learning activity will involve learning about action research in an educational setting. The activity will include learning about the different parts of action research and then using them in a classroom.
Each student will be prompted from
the course home page to consult the course
calendar will be easily accessible from the homepage.
Each student will be instructed to read because online
lecture will take place after. The lecture will be used to
review the reading and answer any questions that may '
arise. The discussion forums will be used for the students to answer questions that have been presented by the instructor to test the student's knowledge of the lesson.
The project will be to incorporate action research into a classroom setting of their choice and state the results in written document which will then be graded by the instructor.

Activities Wrap-up
Each of the components of the learning activities will be used in manner to add the students in organization, review, progression, etc in the lesson.
In this presentation, only four components were mentioned but all of the components play a vital role and the success and benefits of the online learning community.
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