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Baby Project-Cost Analysis-First Year of Life

No description

Donovan Vaughn

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Baby Project-Cost Analysis-First Year of Life

Cost Analysis-The First Year of Life
Donovan Vaughn
Mr. Harris 3rd Hour Prenatal Care All Different tests - $2,000
Ultrasound- $300 (varies)
Doctor charges for 9 months- 2,000!!! Total Cost = 4,300! Reference- South Toledo Pediatrics
(Promedica) Hospital Charges Labor/Delivery=$9,000
Anesthesia Charges- $2,000 +rate per minute Total Cost= $11,000 Reference-Toledo Hospital Pediatrician Charges Well/Sick Visits- $668(one year)
All Immunizations- $620 Total Cost= $1,288 Reference-American Academy of Pediatrics Diaper Costs Diapers- $50(a month) Total Cost= $600 Reference- wikianswers.com Food Cost for One Year Formula- $1,500
Baby Fruit-$300
Cereal-$2,200 If breastfeeding...
Pump- $200
Bottles- $33 Total Cost= $4,533 Reference-walmart.com Cost of Furnishing a Nursery Bassinet- $100
Baby Crib- $330
Mattresses- $20
Bedding- $95
Changing Dresser- $130
Baby Lamp- $50
Baby Monitor- $200
Diaper Pail- $26 Total Cost= $951 Reference- target.com Child care costs for 9 months Daycare- $7,800(5 days a week)
Homecare- FREE
Babysitter- FREE
Family- FREE Total Cost= $7,800 Reference- Mom Vaughn Essential Items Stroller- $200
High Chair- $100
Car Seat- $150
Outlet Covers- $5
Total Cost= $455 Reference- target.com Infant Clothing Cost Outfits- 5.00(1 outfit
night clothes- 5.00
shoes-5.00 Total Cost- $150 Reference- walmart.com For baby Health Baby Wipes- $1,200
Baby Oil-$30
Lotion- $312
Baby Powder- $200
Rubbing Alcohol- $50
Thermometer- $15
Nail Clippers- $6
Bath- $25
Baby Shampoo- $1,000
Baby Soap- $9, 700
Rash Cream- $12
Vaseline- $10.00(2)
Nose Cleaner- $6
Total Cost= $12,566 Reference- amazon.com Misc. Small Toys- $25
Books- $5
Yard Toys- $5
Doorway Jumper- $30
Medicine Dropper- $3
Baby Spoons- $5
Bibs- $16
Oneies- $10
Pillows- $25
Bottle Nipples- $5

Total Cost= $129 Reference- toysrus.com Total Average Cost Prenatal care- $4,300
Hospital Charge- $11, 000
Pediatrician Charge- $1,288
Diaper Cost- $600
Food Cost- $4,533
Furnishing the nursery- $951
Child Care- 7,800
Essentials- $195
Baby bath and Health- $12, 566
Misc.- $129

Grand Total= $43,362!
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