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A Dog's Life!

Ava taylor and carley

Ava Iannarino

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of A Dog's Life!

Taylor, Carley, and Ava's Presentation A Dog's Life This story takes place in places such as a highway, a wheelbarrow, and George and Marcy's house. This also takes place at a mall,Nassu street,the doctor's office, the Beckers house,and Susans house! The main character is Squirrel. The supporing characters names are Bone, Mother, Moon, George, Marcy, the Beckers, Rachel, Dr. Roth, and Susan! please enjoy! This is what squirrel looks like as a puppy. This is what Bone looks like as a puppy. Bone is very brave By Ann M. Martin Problem Squirrel has to face good and bad people on her journey through her life and live without her brother and mother. Solution Squirrel finds just the right person... But the rest you'll need to find out yourself!!!! THE END! We hope you enjoyed it! Lesson The lesson this
book teaches is
Never give up,
because someday,
it will all be worth it! ------------- We put the pictures because it doesnt give a good disription of the dogs!
The Main idea The main idea is Squrrile loses his mother and brother in some accidents, can Bone survive all the journeys hes been on? read to find out! Any questions?
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