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Producing Digital - Pre Production(Group 7)

No description

Dimitris Mappourides

on 22 February 2015

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Transcript of Producing Digital - Pre Production(Group 7)

Finding the appropriate Music
Producing Digital
The pre production
of a music video

By Group 007: Marie Pearson, Dimitris Mappourides and John Irvine
'Keep a Secret'
by The Lonely Together
Scenario and Storyboarding
Mood Board

The Basic Theme of the song as it was analyzed by its writer.
Approved for use.

Keeping contact with the rightful owner/creator of the music.

Inspiring potential.

Ideal for all the team members.
The 'Guy':
Shy, lacking
and bullied.
The 'Thug':
Loud, brash and
The Nuns:
Inspired by the ''Order
of Perpetual Indulgence''.
The Girlfriend:
Sometimes she wonders why she hangs out with the 'Thug', she's smarter than him.
2x Canon EOS 600D.
(EF-S 18-55mm Lens)
1x Canon EOS 1200D.
1x Jessops tripod with carbon fibre legs.
-1x ball head.
-1x standard head.
What's coming next?
Checking of available dates for the filming.
Costume Preparations.
Editing the storyboards along with the music in order to get a better 'inside' of the music video's direction.
Thank you for listening.
Any Questions?
Marchmont Street
Greenside Gardens
Bruntsfield Links
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