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Finding Nemo Monomyth

No description

Nadia D.

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Finding Nemo Monomyth

Monomyth: Finding Nemo
Definition of stem: Together
Definition of stem: Life
Step 2:
Call to Adventure
Works Cited:
Disney Movies. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 May 2014. <http://movies.disney.com/
BY: Margaret and Nadia
Step 1: Uncomfortable Home
Bad Fin
Mom dead
Overprotective dad
Goes to School
Field Trip
Open Ocean
Step 3:
Refusal or Denial
Marlin becomes aware
Afraid of Ocean
Step 4 :
Meeting the Mentor
Definition of stem: Together
Definition of stem: Life
Step 5:
Crossing the Threshold
Meet Bruce in lair
Sharks are trying to become vegetarians
Step 6: test the Allies and Enemies

they find Crush the turtle
eaten by the whale
Step 7:
Approach and Preparation

they get out of the whale
all the animals are looking for Nemo
P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney
Step 8: The Ordeal

Nemo gets stuck in the filter
Given to Darla
Flushed down the toilet into the ocean
nemo is free in the ocean
Marlin thinks his son is dead
Step 10:
The Road Back

Dory finds Nemo, and brings him to Marlin
They get stuck in a fish net and swim their way down
Step 11:

Marlin trusts the teacher and sends Nemo back to school
their relationships has grown deeper and so has their respect for each other
Step 12: Return

Nemo inspired Gill and his friends to escape the Dentist office and make it free to the ocean where they belong
Step 9:
The Reward
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