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Understanding Dates on a Timeline

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John Tracey

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Understanding Dates on a Timeline

Time Before Christ = BC or
BCE - Before Common Era
Understanding Dates
on a Timeline

For example,
history began in Mesopotamia, around 3500 BCE. It is now
2015 CE. How long has writing been around?
If the
beginning date
of an event is in BCE or BC, and the
end date
occurred in CE or AD,
add the two numbers together to
determine the length of time
Ancient Mesopotamia lasted from
3500 BCE until about 500 BCE.
How long did the civilization last?
Got it? Let's check...
And Ancient Rome, from 700 BCE until 476 CE...
And finally, Ancient Greece...
Time After Christ = AD (Anno Domini) or
CE - Common Era
If a date does not specify,
assume it's A.D. / C. E.
When figuring out how long an event lasted
on a timeline, remember these guidelines:
If both dates occurred in either B.C.E. or C.E., subtract
the smaller from the larger number, to
determine the number of years. For example:
The famous Chinese philosopher, Confucius, was
born in 551 B.C.E. and died in 479 B.C.E.. Therefore,
you would subtract 479 from 551 (He was 72)
For example, written history began in Mesopotamia around 3500 BCE. It is now 2012 CE. Approximately how long has written history been around?
HINT: Add 3500 (BCE) + 2015(CE)
5515 Years!
Is it?
4,000 years
3,000 years
c. Can you repeat the question?
3,000 years!
Ancient India: 2500 BCE until 187 CE. How long?
Easy one: 2687 years.
Ancient China:2000 BCE until 1911 CE. Crunch the numbers:
From 2000 BCE until 146 BCE...
1854 years
1176 Big Ones!
Mr.Tracey so far:
1957 CE to 2015 CE?
And, speaking of ancient history...
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