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Decree of 1830 (Law of April 6,1830)

By: Sehr Hameed, Ariana Ramirez

Sehr Hameed

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Decree of 1830 (Law of April 6,1830)

Decree of 1830
(Law of April 6, 1830) Ariana Ramirez Sehr Hameed By: Mexico hoped that the ban on slavery would put americans off coming to Texas. The Mexican congress passed a new law to stop people from the U.S from coming to Texas The law of April 6,1830 canceled nearly all impresario contracts, but Stephan F. Austin and Green Dewitt managed to keep their contracts.. The law also outlawed bringing slaves into Texas It's goal was to make Texas more Mexican Anglo settlers in Texas were out raged, many had family in the U.S who hoped to join them. Others wanted the population of Texas to grow The law of April 6,1830 was passed in Mexico to counter concerns that Mexican Texas, part of the border state of Coahuilay Texas was in danger of being annexed by the U.S. In 1827 and 1829 the U.S offered to purchase Mexico Texas , but the president of Mexico Guadalupe Victoria, declined to sell part of the border state. The ban and other measures did not stop the U.S citizens from migrating to Texas by the thousands. The End!
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