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Success and Failure of the Articles of Confederation

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Stephen Traynor

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Success and Failure of the Articles of Confederation

Path to the Constitution
The Articles of Confederation:
What would be the next step?
Left side of your FOLDABLE
Accomplishments of the Congress
under the Articles
Weaknesses of the Articles
of Confederation
Right Side of FOLDABLE
Problems experienced under the
Articles of Confederation
Successes and Problems of the Articles of Confederation
Why did the Articles ban a National Army?
Why did the Articles exclude a President?
Confederation Congress passed the
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
, creating the Northwest Territory.
This plan allowed for the expansion of new state in territories of the US.
No slavery was allowed north of the Ohio River; area protected freedom of religion and trial by jury.
The NW Ordinance outlined the plan for moving westward
No national army WHY:

No President WHY:

No power to enforce laws WHY:

No power to tax WHY:

State had more power WHY:

No National Court System WHY:

One event in 1786 demonstrated why the weaknesses of the National Congress were a problem for the colonists. Watch the video:

Shays Rebellion
(1786-1787) in Mass. showed how WEAK the Articles were:
No president to make decisions with problems
No army to put down rebellion
No court system to stop problems from becoming conflicts
Exit Ticket: Write down a prediction of what you think the states would need to do to solve the problems of the Articles of Confederation.
We won the War, NOW WHAT?
What did the new Republic now need that Britain used to take care of?
Features of the Articles of Confederation
WHY the Articles of Confederation?
States wanted to keep power to themselves

They just fought a war against TYRANNY; they didn't want the Central Government to favor any one state

States were competitive with each: over economy, protection, and they feared being pushed around
our FIRST plan for Government. a CONFEDERATION is a loose partnership of strong independent states banded together for a common purpose; an alliance
Central Government FEATURES:
• States Rights (They kept the power)

• Confederation Congress (One Rep per state: each
with one vote; laws required 9 of 13 states to pass

• Powers: post office, declare war, sign treaties

• Central Government only needed to hold country
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