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All in PR Digital Awards Press Kit

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Gabby Moise

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of All in PR Digital Awards Press Kit

This will be an exciting and unprecedented night,
no one has ever done an awards show via google hangouts
Who Are We
Hope to
You There!
Who Will Be There
All In PR to host the first ever PR Digital Awards Show with Google Hangouts on November 19th at 7pm
Show will be live on our YouTube Channel here:
All In PR

PR Digital Awards Press Kit
Brittney Bogues
Erica Biroonak
Located in our nation's Capital, ALL IN PR is a full service, digital public relations firm geared to supply pro-athletes, non-profits, and creative concepts with the tools necessary to survive in today's "new media" environment.
1. Social Seen Award
2. Best PR Move Public Image Award
3. PR Hero of the Year Problem Solver Award
4. Best Use of Digital Platforms
5. Food Rock Star
6. Entertainer of the Year Award
7. Passion 4 Fashion
8. Brand on the Rise
9. Blogger of the Year

Award Categories
All In PR’s “PR Digital Awards” will highlight boutique and large PR firms that have made an impact in the 2013 calendar year, along with the best in other industries like culinary, entertainment, and fashion. Through social media, traditional PR and overall branding it is our hope to acknowledge other PR firms that have done their absolute best within the year. This will also be the first ever Awards show hosted on Google Hangouts.
The Awards
Our Team
"The Science
of Influence"
"We are so excited to be at the forefront of introducing this type of Awards Show; it is going to be a real game-changer"
- Brittney Bogues (All In PR)
"Interesting Concept!"
-Lisa Shapiro Dining in DC
"I am honored to be nominated for this award, the idea is so innovative"
-Candice Nicole, Nominee
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