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Employability Skills Assignment

No description

Kayla Park

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Employability Skills Assignment

Personal Goals:
5 Things I Have to do to Achieve Those Goals:
Plans after High School:
Employability Skills Assignment
What do you think employers expect out of their employees?
Top 5 Employability Skills
-Strong Work Ethic
-Team Work
-Computer (technology) Skills
Top 5 Reasons People are ed!!!
-Inappropriate Behavior / Sexual Harassment
-Casualty of Office Politics
-Job Performance or Attendance
-Bad Luck (aka “Black Cat" firings)
-Medical Reasons
Think about and list your Top 3 goals (personal goals) for the next 3 years
-Graduate High School with all A's and in the top 10%
-Get into a good Engineering College (ie. Stanford, Syracuse, GA Tech)
-Advance to Nationals in Rock Climbing and maintain it as a successful club at NOHS
My Career Goal:
-Become an engineer
(probably an environmental or design based engineer)
7-10 Things to Reach My Career Goal
-Go to high school
-Take required amount of APs
-Maintain all As
-Participate in work based learning
-Show that I have a rounded lifestyle
-Work well with computers, people, math, and science
-Take time to create a well rounded resume to assist me in my career search
I think that employers expect that their employees to be...
-Are honest and trustworthy
-Mindful of their time and their job
-Helpful (are willing to help even before they are asked)
-Enthusiastic about their career plan and their choices
-Dedicated to the company and their work
That employers look for in their employees...
Why is it important to have the previously listed skills?...
-To make the employer and the company like your work and appreciate your job
-To give the employer a reason NOT to fire you
-To earn a steady paycheck (which can only happen if you apply yourself to keep a job)
-Maintain good grades, AP classes, and a good work ethic
-Apply to my choice colleges on time, keep a "Love-Me" file so that my resume will always be glowing and up to date
-Participate in work based learning and volunteering activities to gain engineering experience and knowledge
-Train hard in my sports at practice and at home
-Keep climbing club organized so that it will be successful and maintain student's interest.
-I want to go to college in a place such as Colorado, California, or New York... I really want to eventually live in Colorado!
-Continue rock climbing in the Open class
-Work part time (hopefully as an engineer) until I get out of college and can work full time.
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