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The Gap Semester Experience 2013 - Shohib Marican

No description

shohib marican

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of The Gap Semester Experience 2013 - Shohib Marican

The Gap Semester Experience 2013 - Shohib Marican
About Me -
Shohib Marican

Cross Country Runner

Avid football fan and sports fan in general

Interests include high performance sports, reading, the languages and interested about the arts.

Why would you need to know that? ----

What I expected -

1. A 3 month holiday in general with sessions of MT inserted intermittently inside.

2. Sometime to pursue some interesting courses ( appreciation of ludic texts and photojournalism )

3. 3 Months of fun culminating in my first time to Europe with my closest friends!
A 3 week attachment with the Physical Education and Sports Science faculty.

Toured around the facilities of NIE and was also acquainted with different sports science projects.

Facilities were really world class in general however made me ponder certain things.

Why are Singapore even with this facilities and the likes aren't producing top sporting talent???

Projects included things like effects of compression.

Encouraged to start our own and are in the infancy of a project with regards to KT tape.
Conclusion and Reflections
Gap sem proved to be a very memorable experience for me and I took away a lot.

Helped in expanding my horizons,

And made me learn about myself a lot more. ( In terms of my interests, my habits and my personality... )
Overview -
1. Initial goals and expectations of gap sem

2. Satisfying my curiosity in sports science in an attachment with NIE ( SIC )

3. Dabbling in my artsy side during the local courses + a break from gap sem

4. Crossing new boundaries - The Real Madrid Experience!

5. Reflections and what I've learnt about myself
NIE attachment
Local Courses
4 courses

attended 2 due to AYG commitments

Left with photojournalism and text to
screen. Two courses I was very
interested in.

Text to Screen
International Course
About the Course
8 day program

Sports Science and also Sports Culture related

Opened up a whole new world for me with a plethora of new experiences

What I took away
Key elements of the Spanish Sporting Culture. ( elaboration of the visit to the high performance centre here. )

ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE of going to the Bernabeu.

Certain technology used in sports which are applicable in Singapore.
Main Reflections From Gap Sem
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