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수능열기(문법07강 - 분사)

No description

Won Jang

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of 수능열기(문법07강 - 분사)

분사 분사/분사구문
분사구문의 시제
with 분사구문 분사

I helped an old lady [who was carrying a big bag].
-> I helped an old lady [carrying a big bag].

I found a ring [which was buried in the playground].
-> I found a ring [buried in the play ground].

:분사는 명사를 꾸며주는 형용사기능을 한다. 분사구문

[Because he saw the policeman], he ran away.
->[Seeing the policeman], he ran away.

[As the rooms are painted in dark colors], the room needed more bright light.
->[Painted in dark colors], the rooms needed more bright light.
:분사구문은 부사절을 줄여서 만든것 이다. 분사구문의 시제

After I had washed the dishes, I went shopping.
->Having washed the dishes, I went shopping.

After I washed the dishes, I went shopping.
->Washing the dishes, I went shopping.

cf. Having been a season ticket holder since the mid 80's, my ambition is ~ with + N + ~ed/~ing
:N가 ~한 채로

e.g. She left the kitchen with [her kettle] [boiling].
=She left the kitchen and [her kettle] [was boiling].

With [an eye] [bandaged], I could not write properly.
=Because [an eye] [was bandaged], I could not write properly. detailed(a) 세부적인 the way (how) make + O + OC which = 주격관계대명사 and he observed the intimate details ~
=> observing what/that 1. 뒷문장이 완벽한가?(X) -> 선행사가 있나?(X) have + O + O.C When they were asked to recall ~ such + N + that ~ : 너무 N라서 ~하다 지각동사 + O + OC be(get) used to ~ing : ~에 익숙해지다 to -> 전치사 no matter how -> however leave + O + OC : O를 OC한 채로 남겨두다. insist + that + S + (should) + R =be perceived
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