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How Developed is Ghana?

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Panna Veres

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of How Developed is Ghana?

How Developed is Ghana?

About Ghana
Ghana is a country in Africa that is just above the equator. The countries that border it are Burkina, Togo and Cote D'ivoire.

John Dramani Mahama is the president of Ghana.

The land is mostly flat and there are only a few mountains. There are rivers and a huge lake called River Volta.

This Lake is a good natural resource because it contains fish.

Ghana is an LEDC (less economically developed country).

Ghana's population was last counted 25,37 million in 2012.

Ghana? an LEDC? Historical Reasons.
In the past, Ghana has been under the control of many European countries. This caused the country to become very undeveloped.

Ghana? An LEDC? Socio-Economic Reasons
Ghana has much cocoa and the people mainly rely on this product to earn a living.

However the price of cocoa changes all the time so some years the country gets enough money and others it gets a very little amount
Countries all around the world buy cocoa from Ghana in order to make chocolate. However the more cocoa people buy, the more children have to work in order to get the product. These young children can suffer from many diseases since getting coca from the wild is very dangerous.

Ghana is also an LEDC because they own much money to other countries which they cannot pay back.

To start off with, the Portuguese took Ghana's gold and gave very little in return like forks, knives and a few pieces of clothing.
The British also decided to ship metal ores, diamonds, pepper and timber from Ghana and in return they built schools and hospitals but made the people pay for these with taxes.
More and More countries realized that they could use Ghana's gold. Very soon German, Dutch and Danish traders came to the country in order to take the goods. Ghana was soon called the 'Gold Coast'.

By 1650, the slaves were more important to the Europeans because they needed workers for their tobacco plantations. This left Ghana with less people.
Ghana? An LEDC? Environmental Reasons
The north of Ghana is turning into desert because of drought, heavy grazing, chopping down trees and erosion. This is known as

In the rainforest, many places have been destroyed because of logging companies and farmers. Logging companies need trees for timber and farmers need it for firewood and for free land to grow cocoa, This is known as deforestation.
Desertification and deforestation is good for gaining land to farm however it ruins soil which means fewer crops and animals to either eat or SELL. Selling these crops could bring in money to the country which could be used to make Ghana more developed.

Ghana is not very developed for many different reasons. Firstly, it's history has caused other countries to look down at Ghana and use many of it's natural resources for VERY little in return.
Secondly, cocoa could bring in much money, however the prices change all the time.
Thirdly, Ghana's environment is being ruined and therefore some resources (e.g timber, crops etc.) that could be used to earn money are becoming useless (being destroyed).

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