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My Car Review

No description

Mithusha P.

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of My Car Review

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Bias or Objective
Pros and Cons
Would I buy the Car?
I would buy the car because although it's not an economic car, its styling and speed has attracted me to this car. I love the fact that it can go 3.1 seconds in the 0-60mph test! Also it's interior styling blew me away. The Italian leather seats are amazing. Although it is an amazing fast car, it has some dangers to it as well. For example, I think the car might be hard to control because of how fast it can go. Overall I would buy the car because it's my dream car and in my opinion it's worth the money.
Extra Information
By: Mithusha P. 7J
Facts and Opinions
After reviewing this video, I found this video to be bias because the reviewer used meanings that showed he was very fond of the car. Although he stated the facts, he did state his opinion a lot. An example of his bias talk is "Our time with the F12 was too short, but really is any amount of time in a Ferrari enough?" The reviewer is basically saying that even if you spend a second with the Ferrari, it's enough time. Not everyone will agree with this. He also talked mostly about the positive side and very little on the negative side in a Ferrari rather then talking about both sides equally.

Overall I think the reviewer did not do a balanced report. If he talked more about the cons as well, and kept his emotions about the car separate, he would have been objective and had a balanced report.
"Like a typical Ferrari, just about every part of it evokes a passion that is not easily explained"
"The 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta may be the fastest street-going Ferrari ever, but “Spoiler Alert”, it is also the gentlest.
"The curvess are drop-dead gorgeous"
Fastest and gentlest Ferrari car ever
0-60 test: 3.1 seconds
11.3 cubic-ft of space can expand to 17.7 cubic-ft after lowering the rear bench panel
Only seating for 2 so a family of 3 or more can't come in a Ferrari.
Very expensive
No touch screen
731 horse power
509 lb-ft of torque
0-60mph took 3.1 seconds
6.3 liter V12 engine
EPA: 12mpg in the city/16mpg in the highway
Price $333,000
The chassis is aluminum-intensive and at 3,593-pounds
13.5:1 compression ratio
20-inch 5-spoke wheels.
V12 engine build its way up to its 8,700 RPM
It is a black Ferrari with an Aero bridge hood, and 2 doors. It has 20-inch 5-spoke wheels.
The interior has red Italian leather seats with only 2 seating. The steering wheel is pure automotive art.
The target audience are celebrities and rich people with a lot of money
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