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Silver Arts Award

No description

Sophia Wright

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Silver Arts Award

award Research In April 2012, I found out about an open mic night at the continental in Preston. It takes place on the first Thursday of every month from 9pm onwards. I have carried on attending these open mic nights at the continental, where I not only perform, but I watch other artists as well. It is always an enjoyable evening, where I have met new people who have inspired me to take my music further. Such as David Shurr, who is a singer song writer, who is trying to make this his profession. http://soundcloud.com/davidshurr Available Careers:
From attending the open mic night, I have realised that there are many careers available, even just within open mic nights. For example, a sound engineer who would have to be able to operate complex electronic equipment to reproduce music, dialogue, sound effects and other audio content to the highest quality. This may be for commercial music CDs or albums, radio, television and theatre, advertising or corporate presentations and promotions. Also, there are careers as performers, for example, singer songwriters, such as David Shurr, or being in a band, such as ‘The Vaccines’ etc. Another career opportunity is to host open mic nights, so if one were to have a job in a pub, one could ask the manager if they could host the event. Sound Engineer Jobs:
Researching jobs in the field of sound engineering, I came across this website, which I found particularly useful - https://nationalcareersservice.direct.gov.uk/advice/planning/jobprofiles/Pages/studiosoundengineer.aspx. This website is useful because it goes into detail about what qualifications i would need to do this job, how to find work experience, how to set up a business in this, how to be employed by soeone else in this field etc.
I have also found courses at Salford University which involve sond engineering, I find these very intresting as this is a very possible career path for me. Performers:
To become a musical performer, it is a very competitive field, however, I found an organisation called ‘youbloom’ who sends you emails and chances to win, to help you get noticed as a musician. Also, as famous musicians have said, to become noticed, you have to get yourself out there, so the best ways include; performing at charity events, open mics, busking, and generally anything that will get you noticed. Hosting Events:
In most cases, if you just ask to hold events such as open mic nights, as long as there isn’t already one being held, you can run it. Obviously this may vary depending on where you ask at, some people may expect you to have the equipment, but some places provide it. Also, there may be advertisements of somebody wanted to hold an open mic. Arts Events For an event, I am going to see ‘The Vaccines’ at Manchester O2 apollo on the 21st November. I am going with my three friends, Daisy, Hannah & Phoebe. The Vaccines are an indie/alternative band who have released two début albums and singles such as ‘If You Wanna’ and ‘Wetsuit’ off their first album, ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines’ in 2011. And then ‘No Hope’ and ‘Teenage Icon’ from their second album, ‘Come of Age’ in 2012. Their band consists of Justin Young on guitar and lead vocals, Arni Arnason on bass, Freddie Cowan guitarist, and Pete Robertson playing the drums. Review Also, on the 6th November, I am going to see ‘Maximo Park’ at the Ritz. I am going with my friend Phoebe, and her sister Harriet. They are an alternative rock band, formed in 2000. They are signed to Warp Records. The band consists of Paul Smith (vocals), Duncan Lloyd (guitar), Archis Tiku (bass), Lukas Wooller (keyboard) and Tom English (drums). The band have released four studio albums: their 2005 debut album A Certain Trigger, which was nominated for the Mercury Prize; the 2007 follow-up Our Earthly Pleasures; their third album, named Quicken the Heart, was released in May 2009; and their fourth album, The National Health, was released in June 2012. The first two albums went gold in the UK. Review At The Vaccines gig, I had a fantastic time. The atmosphere in the Apollo was brilliant. My favourite performer from the vaccines was Justin because he kept the crowd going all through the night. I particularly enjoyed how he sang with such confidence, and his mood just reflected on to the audience. Tickets cost £18 to get into the gig. On my return, I spoke to my friend Megan, I showed her pictures and videos that I had taken from the gig and she had only heard a few of their songs, but as I showed her more of their songs, she decided to buy their second CD. • At the Maximo Park gig, I had a fantastic time, they played my favourite song last (our Velocity) as an encore.
• It cost £16 to get into the gig.
• My favourite person in the band was Paul Smith because he was such a fantastic performer. Even though he didn’t play an instrument he performed very well.
When I came to school, I spoke about Paul Smith to my friend Daisy, about him, and she liked Maximo Pasrk's music so much she borrowed one of thier albums from me to listen to and put on her iPod. Challenge MADmob’s 20th Anniversary Concert
In my local area, I was introduced to Leyland Methodist Church’s drama group called MADmob, aka, the Music and Drama Mob. My challenge is to perform with this group for their 20th anniversary concert which is taking place on the 14th and 15th September. I hope that out of this concert I will begin to overcome nerves that I get when performing. this was the rehearsal schedule... Over this period of time, we have learnt many songs, and every week we have gotten closer, and by the time we came to the show, it had all been pulled together. To help me complete this challenge, I will need to attend the majority of rehearsals, and be taught the songs by Jo Duckworth, and the presentation of the show was done by Paul Duckworth, who without, I wouldn’t be able to complete my challenge. I have progressed over 4 and a half months from not knowing the majority of songs we were going to have to perform, and by the end, knowing all of the songs I were to take part in. The show was filmed and put on to a DVD available to buy. Review The show that I took part in, involved me singing a solo of ‘Jacob and Sons taken from the original show of ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.’ I had selected this to be my challenge, because there was an audience of 200 people and it was being filmed. Despite, my nerves, I succeeded in not only singing my solo but singing as a group in amount of songs. Here are some of the pictures taken from the show - http://www.leylandmethodistmusicanddrama.co.uk/LMMDG/Gallery/Pages/20th_Anniversary_Concert.html#grid Review by Katy Dutton In the concert, both me and Sophia took part in it, however I just took part in the chorus, I don’t know where Sophia found the confidence to sing a solo with a spotlight on her. It went fantastically, both nights and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her. Leadership Project plan... For my leadership project, I’m going to teach my friend Daisy Sheridan how to play a song on the guitar. This will involve me teaching her some chords and meeting with her on a regular basis to practice. So, to teach her, she is borrowing a guitar from the school, and I’m going to be teaching her in our lunchtime breaks and our music technology lessons. The school’s music technician is going to help us, by giving us a time slot in the music recording studios and will take pictures of us to monitor our progress. I will know if this has worked because by the end, myself and Daisy will record a song, with me singing and both of us playing the guitar. The song we have chosen is going to be ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ originally played by ‘Foster the People.’
The project may not work if Daisy wanted to give up, or didn’t practice through our sessions. But hopefully, because this is her arts challenge as well, we will complete it together and she will have learnt how to play at least one song in the next few weeks.

Throughout these sessions, in the recording studio we will make sure we take no food or drink in, for health and safety reasons. Also, I will identify any trip hazards such as wires in the studio and tell Daisy to avoid them and point them out. evidence... this is a video of me & daisy playing the song I taught her... Review I think the project went really well. Daisy had never played guitar beforehand, and she picked it up very easily. Even though we only recorded the one song, she learnt others, and learnt 8 chords, which meant she was learning other songs as well.

I really enjoyed getting the experience to teach someone guitar, especially seeing as she enjoyed learning it.

Throughout this project, i learnt tips on teaching, such as uing different sources, for example showing Daisy an image of a chord, like this... SOPHIA WRIGHT From this i have learnt about my possible career pathways, and also, from speaking to David Shurr, some tips for performing in any events I might take part in, in the future. For example he told me that "when singing live, if you ever forget the lyrics, just repeat another line, because as long as you deliver it with confidence, and a smile, the audience will still enjoy it." From Friday the 25th May to the Friday the 3rd of August, the people who run MadMob repeatedly taught us songs, and practiced them. This involved us learning two songs each rehearsal, and in the time we had going over and over that one song. We did this stood around the piano every week. When we were at home, we were expected to carry on practicing these songs. Meanwhile, the stage and setting were being built, costumes were being bought and a script was written to introduce songs by the producers of the show so that on the Wednesday the 8th of August, we were ready to begin using the stage, and choreographing any movements for the show, and who was talking etc, we then continued doing three - four songs per rehearsal, until we had completed each act of the show, which we had done by sunday the 2nd of September. The rehearsals then became longer and we were able to do an act or the whole show in each rehearsal until the end of the show. I am planning on taking three half hour sessions to teach Daisy the song, in the song there is a 4 chord pattern that is repeated through out the whole song so in the first session, I will teach daisy the chords Em, G, D, A. In the second session, I will teach her some chord patterns, and on the third session, we will go through the song all together and keep on practicing it. We will then have a seperate session to record the final project. Review From Daisy... I had a fantastic time learning the guitar with Soph, she was a great teacher and she has inspired me to carry on the guitar, learning over the internet, because she showed me how to understand chord diagrams. She also said anything that i don't understand in future and want help with, she will help me! If i were to do this project again, i would set myself and Daidy bigger topics such as learning more than one song, and therefore more sessions. I would also ask Daisy to practice more at home so the sessions were more like set guitar lessons, so that eventually over a longer period of time she would be able to improve a lot more and, perhaps do open mic nights with me etc. However, I wouldn't change how i taught Daisy, because she did learn a lot for the short amount of time we were together, and we both really enjoyed it.
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