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Cell Phones in Schools

No description

Olivia Schaffner

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Cell Phones in Schools

The Negatives: Why They Shouldn't The Positives: Why They Should The Issue Cell Phones in Schools My Opinion Olivia Schaffner 75% of children ages 12-17 now own a cell phone
Schools take one of three approaches:
Ban cell phones completely
Allow cell phone use only outside of class
Use cell phones in classroom to support learning
As of 2009, 69% of schools banned cell phones completely The Question Should schools allow the use of cell phones in classrooms for educational purposes? Most students ignore cell phone bans anyway
65% in schools that ban cell phones still bring them every day
58% of these still use them
Today's students are Digital Natives
Technology skills are necessary for success in today's world
Cell phones have become important means of communication between parents and children
Parents want children to have their phones at school for safety reasons How Can Cell Phones Be Used in Classrooms? Cameras Students can...
Take pictures during lab experiments
Make flipbooks on Flickr.com to document work throughout a unit Video Cameras Students can...
Take videos during lab experiments
Video themselves completing math problems while talking through their thought processes Audience Response System Teachers can...
Create accounts on polleverywhere.com or wiffiti.com for free
Create polls or quizzes to display in class

Students can...
Text answers to number that collects them and instantly displays them on website Research Tools Students can...
Work in collaborative groups to research
Complete "scavenger hunts" on phones
Use Internet capabilities to find information
Use text question services (i.e. ChaCha or Google's service) to find information
Find videos using YouTube app or Internet Educational Games Students can...
Download educational games from the app store
Play educational games on the Internet
Complete interactive activities online Cell phones are a distraction
Cheating on tests, quizzes, assignments
Taking inappropriate photos and posting online during school
Locker rooms, bathrooms
Negative effect on students' social, emotional, or cognitive skills
Some students don't have cell phones or smart phones
Filtering systems on school network How Can the Problems with Cell Phone Use in the Classroom Be Avoided? Problems: Distractions and Cheating Solutions:
Students place phones on desks when not using them
Educate students as to when using phones is appropriate
Make rules and consequences enforceable and reasonable
Involve students and parents in rule-making process Problem: Students without Cell Phones Solutions:
Program that encourages people to donate old cell phones to schools
Contract with cell phone providers to make cell phones available to students
Students work in collaborative groups
Students without phones borrow from students with phones
School purchases number of phones for students without them to use
Students without phones use computer Using cell phones for learning in the classroom is potentially beneficial

Positives outweigh negatives
Negatives can be alleviated
Teachers report fewer problems when cell phones are allowed than when they're banned
Positive feedback, but no negative
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