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Year-Round School

No description

Haley Tyler

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Year-Round School

Year-Round School
Quick Facts..
Year-Round schools (YRS) first developed in Urban areas since they had no ties to the agriculture cycle.
Year-Round school is NOT an extension of the school year, simply just a creative, reorganization
Two types: Multitrack and Single Track
Many people across the board are conflicted in whether or not they are fans of this contemporary schedule
National Association for Year Round Education (NAYRE) is a non-profit organization that promotes year-round education. They do extensive research, provide consultants, and hosts conferences to improve the year-round school systems
Opposed to/In Favor for..
In 2011, Oconee County came very close to becoming the first district in the state of South Carolina to have a district-wide year round school. However after various debates and surveying the communities, it did not replace the traditional system. Maybe in the near future Oconee County will find a way to make YRS work.
Teacher Interview
West Oak High School Student Opinions
Q: What is your overall opinion about school systems adapting to the year-round school schedule rather than the traditional school schedule?
A: I think there are pros and cons. Pros to me would of course be more breaks and not as long of a summer break for kids to lose their previously learned knowledge. Cons would be a shorter summer break.
Q: Do you think Oconee County will ever take part in a year-round school system?
A: The high schools probably won't due to difficulties with athletic schedules. However, maybe middle schools or elementary schools could. -Tracy Stanton, Anatomy Teacher at West Oak
What is it...
Breaks up summer vacation into shorter, more frequent breaks throughout the school year to provide more continuous learning. This idea helps balance the school year out in hopes of minimizing the learning loss that typically happens over a traditionally lengthy summer break.
"I'm all for it. More breaks throughout the entire school year sounds good!" -Whitney Wilkes

"I do not like the year round school idea because it takes away from a full summer vacation."- Kevin McMichael

"I'm not a fan of it. Although you get the same amount of days off and just get more days off in chunks, it trivializes summer. I wouldn't be able to do all the things I wanted to get done in the summer. I guess one good thing would be either eliminating or shortening the summer reading." -Emily Griffin

Believe that costs would increase due to schools opening longer throughout year
May interfere with extracurricular activities (sports, arts and clubs)
Students who have to pay for their own college education tend to look for summer jobs, a shorter break may take away from this opportunity.
Kids coming from an agricultural background would have difficulties with this scheduling because their families' livelihoods depend on the kids contributing to the farm work.
In Favor for:
Students who already have YRS seem to have a better attitude towards education
Breaks allow poverty stricken, and disabled students to catch up and have more one-on-one time.
Class sizes are reduced
Students could graduate earlier
If a student fails, they would not be as behind as a traditional school kid failing because they'd only fail the first 45 day period.
Costs of supplies could be minimized
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