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All about vikings

Taiga Evergreen

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Vikings



runes Vikings Culture A Scandinavian people who settled Iceland and Greenland First Europeans to explore North America Yes, that IS before Colombus Grocery List Flour berries Super-free-range (wild) chicken eggs nuts Julia Lees Made of overlapping planks Powered by wind in the sails and rowers They even wrote POETICALLY! Did you Know? Their is more to vikings than the barbaric illiterate thieves we think of them as Vikings had a written language of runes swords Thor's Hammer Celebrating their pagan religion A silver penny The vikings explord new territory they conquered peoples... and pillaged their lands Leif Ericson Grew up in Greenland
Became Christian
First European to discover North America

Vikings Started Atacking Europe Founded Dublin Ireland Discovered Greenland Cristianity finds Iceland and Greenland Erik the Red Leif Ericson makes his discovery Odin was the head god Below him were: Baldr=Light, Beauty

Loki=Deception, Air

Thor=Lightning, Thunder

The Valkyries= Choose soldiers to join them as the fighter dies in battle Time Line
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