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Types of Conflict in Literature

No description

Ashley England

on 21 September 2017

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Transcript of Types of Conflict in Literature

Conflict is the problem or issues that the characters or protagonist faces throughout the short story or novel.

Conflict is also found in every movie.

Can you name some movies with some BIG problems or conflicts?
What is Conflict?
Character vs. Character Conflict
Let's determine what the conflict is in this movie clip:

Character vs. Self
This is a type of conflict in which the protagonist faces an internal conflict or dilemma. They suffer from inner issues and have conflicting emotions, feelings, and a heavy conscience.
Character vs. Character
This type of conflict is an external conflict.

A conflict breaks out between the Protagonist and the Antagonist of the novel or movie. This can be seen in a physical fight or perhaps a clash of ideas. (An argument, a feud, difference of opinion etc.)
Types of Conflict in Literature
Every short story and novel has some type of conflict
Character vs. Self
Character vs. Society
This type of conflict is defined by the protagonist standing up against the community. The character is usually both the outsider and the liberator.
Character vs. Society
Man vs. Nature
This is a conflict type where the protagonist faces extreme nature conditions.
Character vs. Nature
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