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The Golden Ratio

My prezi is about the pyramids and the golden ratio

sabrina smith

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio on Nature what is the golden ratio? What is the golden ratio? The golden ratio is a type of number (1.61803398875) that is classified as perfect. This ratio appears in many different kinds of this, for example: geometry, art, architecture, music, nature and many other areas. The ratio is also a measure of proportion. the measurement in the golden ratio is (1.61803398875). You can get the sum by the pyramids slop divided by half the base. The Golden Ratio In Pyramids How Is The Golden Ratio Used in Nature? Golden Ratio In Nature Reflection 1. http://www.mathsisfun.com/numbers/golden-ratio.html
3. Bibliography You can find the golden ratio in nature. For example, if you take a rectangle and take a perfect square out of it then you will be left with another rectangle and so on and so on. and this can happen in a lot of flowers to. Then form each each point of the square you can make a spiral. as well as the pyramids the golden ratio in also in nature. for example the golden ratio in seen in all most every animal. With with flowers and shells the spiral from the outside of the flower to the middle, and with shells how it spirals around the shell to the center.
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