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Paper Towns

No description

Homa Sarwar

on 30 July 2017

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Transcript of Paper Towns

Paper Towns
Conflict Structure
Quentin eventually comes to realize that his platonic friendships with Radar, Ben, and Lacy are more fulfilling to him than a relationship with an idolized mirage

False Perceptions
Quentin realizes that he can no longer put his life on hold for her. This growth stems from him overcoming his false perceptions and seeing his love in a truer light.

Quentin Jacobsen - Main character , the Protagonist and the narrator of the novel
-18 years old , social outcast , not a popular kid
- He loves Margo Roth Spiegleman and he would do anything for her.
- Quentin personality is unique.
- Smart, Nice, Caring and Brave

The book starts off describing the relationship between Quentin and Margo. How everything changed between them but Quentin is still in love with Margo. Margo is a very mysterious person but Quentin still develops a deep love for Margo.

He starts like being her more when they both go out wanting revenge , dancing together in the moonlight , and a break in to sea world.

Quentin thinks everything is getting better between them until Margo disappears on him. Now Quentin has to figure our where she is, or if she is even alive before it's too late.
Character 2 :
Margo Roth Spiegleman - Second main character and define as "paper girl"
- she lives next door to Quentin
- She causes a lot of conflict so it makes her the antagonist.
- Most popular girl in the school
- She is mysterious and no one can figure her out
- She has a habit of running away and leaving clues
By: John Green
Presentation By : Anmol Ahmad & Homa Sarwar
The story takes place in a subdivision of Orlando, Florida. Specifically a fictional subdivision called Jefferson Park. Jefferson Park used to be a navy base.

Later on the book setting expands North to Agloe, New york
Other characters:

Ben Starling - Quentin bestfriend, Helps Q find Margo and also becomes Lacey's boyfriend.
Marcus Rader - Quentin Best friends, Helps looks for Margo
Lacey Pemberton - Been Margo's friend since kindergarten and goes with Q in the end to find Margo
Man vs. Society as Q tries to find Margo. It is man vs. society as Quentin tries to find Margo because she has disappeared and he feels it is his responsibility to find her. However, he feels he is the only person who truly wants to find Margo. He believes even her parents don’t care where she is. Q thinks that society doesn’t care and doesn’t want him to succeed in finding her.
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