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Library Management System

No description

Rinita Asani

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Library Management System

Software Project Management & Planning
Action Plan



Results and accomplishment?
SWOT Analysis
Library Management System


Analysis,Feasibility Study
Software planning and management
Action Plan
Formal Specifications
Implementation Plan
Business Plan
Target Users
Expected Outcome
Report of Meetings
- Project about
Library Management System
- Purpose of application
manage all book transaction in a fast and efficient way
- Can be used by small and medium libraries
Transaction of books in libraries for Desktop Applications
Are more reliable and trustworthy
These applications don’t rely on an Internet connection in most instances
We agreed to meet two to three times a week
Meetings will help us to clarify uncertainties and make sure we will finish the project in time

The idea of the project, domain,features of the application,timeline
Discussed about software project management and planning, software design and formal specifications.
Problems to be addressed and solved
Briefly describe the project domain and its context
Our objective is to facilitate the work of librarians and to enhance the transactions of books by providing and effective and efficient library management system
Analyses, Feasibility study, Problem statement
Project scope & objectives
Services that user will receive:
The user should log in in order to have access in the system
Register new books, with its title, price, language, ISBN, category, edition ,author first name, last name, publication date.
Insert new books , update the data and also delete.
Search books by title, first name of the author and also by the author last name .
Member registration -Lecture or Student.
Borrow part to register members that borrow book.
Reserve section for members that want to reserve one book
In the return section we will register students that will return the book and then the book will become available.
Generating reports that can be downloaded as PDF, Excel or Word doc.
Showing top 10 users that borrowed books.
Top 10 books that were borrowed by students.
Access to other resources as the link ECONBIZ.
- eliminate paper work way
-recording every transaction in computerized system so the problem like losing files, redundancy will be over
- registers all the members keep track about the book they borrow, the date they borrow , calculating the date that the book should be returned
Transaction of books in libraries for Desktop Applications
The application will be for State University of Tetovo Library.
That will be suitable for their needs.
The way that they are doing now is traditional paper based and they are not using any kind of this application.
data duplication
lack of security data can be stolen
too much paper wastage
lot of space to keep all information, data could be misplaced due to human errors they can mix the books location
unavailability of information
time consuming .

Offer them the application to make their work more easy and efficient.
easily retrieve data for any member and book from the database
lead to time saving
only authorize users can have access to the system
Identified target users
Employees who work in the library of State University in Tetovo.
Log in into the system with their own account and password which firstly are registered in the database
• Satisfied user
• Time Efficiency
• Efficient retrieval of data
• Cost reduction
• Security

• User resistance
• New job duties for employees
• Is not accessible from mobile device
• Students cannot reserve or search the books online from the web.
• Add more extra features
• Implement the application in other university libraries
• Make it accessible from mobile devices
• Make it accessible from the web

• Innovative application from competitors.
• Risk of data theft
• Competition from public library

Network Analysis Diagram
Software Design
CPM Diagram and PERT Estimation
UML and 9 Diagrams

1. Activity Diagram
2. Use Case Diagram
3. Sequential Diagram
4. Class Diagram
5. Collaboration Diagram
6. State Diagram
7. Component Diagram
8. Object Diagram
9. Deployment Diagram
UML Diagrams
Activity Diagram
Use Case Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Class Diagram
Collaboration Diagram
State Diagram
Component Diagram
Object Diagram
Formal Specifications
Software Coding-Programming
Visual Basic. Net 2010
SQL Server Management Studio
Software Testing
We have realized Functional Testing
Reports of meetings and decision implemented
Thank you!
Any Questions???
Books and members
Implementation Plan
Business Plan
Target Users
Employees that work in the library of the State University of Tetovo.
Expected outcomes
Help the librarians to make their work more easy and fast
App will be very good facilitator and helper for the management of the transaction of the books
The software should contain understandability, operability, attractiveness requirements
More apps in the future
Search books
Search users
Econbiz online search
Email Notification

User training
Computers in library has the necessary hardware capacity
Minimum hardware requirements are:
3.00 GB RAM
3.4 Ghz processor
32 bit operating system Windows 7 Professional.
Post implementation reviews
Library Management System - computerized system

helps its user to manage their library daily in electronic format.
User friendly software
dialog boxes
radio buttons
dropdown lists
message boxes
Testing using a third party
no need for training
project in the right way
investment on the software is not huge.
Support and Maintenance
Deployment Diagram
Main Menu
Add Book
Add User
Date: Tuesday (01.04.2014)

Idea of the project
What domain to choose?
Application's features?
Timeline of the project

Date: Tuesday Date: (08.04.2014)

2-3 meetings this weeks
We finished the first part of the project
Started to analyze the 2nd part

Date: Tuesday (15.04.2014)

Software project management
Formal specifications.

Date: Tuesday (29.04.2014)

The programming part.
Some problems that we faced were creating procedures for connecting more than two tables from database.

The project will help us a lot in the future,
we have learned a lot of things how to divide
things into groups,
how to coordinate our tasks,
how to make meetings more useful
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