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Nature Photography

No description

Gloria Jemima Osei

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Nature Photography

Nature Photography
About Nature Photography
Nature photography is taken outdoors displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants and close ups of natural scenes & textures.
About Nature Photography
Colour images are not a requirement for nature photography. Ansel Adams one of the most well known nature photographers is known for his black and white deceptions of natue.
Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams did not also work exclusively with black and white he also experimented with colour. He subjects that he in shot in colour range for portraits. He preferred black and white because he felt that colour could be distracting and could divert an artist attention away from achieving his full potential.
How they make money?
Some nature photographers make money by working directly for organizations that market nature by publishing their images in articles, books and blogs or others by selling their images for commercial uses such as in calenders and advertisements either directly or through photo agencies that negotiate terms and give the photographer a percentage of the proceeds by marketing their prints at galleries and art festivals.
Where are the photographers used?
What is the purpose of the photography?
The purpose of their photography is to have an impact and to tell a story through the images. Another purpose is to provide glimpses of animals forests or mountains that may not be seen in person
Nature & Fashion Photography
I personally think that nature photography is the better application because it capture things that people would not be able to see in every day life and not everyone will get the chance to travel around the world to these exotic places and nature photography captures that for us as if the nature photographer is the publics eyes showing us things we have never seen before, whereas fashion photography we can few clothes anywhere, when people wear it or at a clothing store. Although I think fashion has more of on an impact on the public becaue fashion has become a strong part of society & has evolved that so many people are now into fashion and always keeping up with the latest trends especially the youth. Although I think nature is the better application I dont think it has an impact socially because we still dont take care of the enviroment and that is one of nature photographers purpose.
Wildlife is devoted to capturing animals in their natural habitats. The animals are often photographed in action, such as eating, fighting or in flight.
The techniques of wildlife photography differ from landscape photography. For example wildlife photographers use wide apetures to achieve shutter speed and blur the backgrounds, whereas landscapes photographers prefer small apetures.
Wildlife is also usually shot with long telephoto lenses from a great distance.
Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams was an american photographer and enviromentalist. His black and white landscape photographs of the American west, have been widely reproduced on calenders, posters & in books.
Some other nature photographers support themselves (freelance).
How do the photographers affect the viewer?
Many nature photographers try to educate people with the hope that more people will be inspired to help the enviroment.
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