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Current Issues - Technology in Sport

Unit 13 - Technology and Sport

Sam Spong

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of Current Issues - Technology in Sport

Technology and Modern Sport
The Influence

Enhance athletic performance by reducing stress/injury via support aids and equipment and training technologies
There have been many changes to technology over the years - today you are going to look at the influence this has on modern sport
Thinking Aspects: Human-factors engineering

Personal Protective Equipment
Protective equipments are meant to protect players from injury and range from padding and bracing to mouth guards and headgear
Technology has greatly improved protective equipments in sports
The Equipment Revolution

Evolution of the equipment used by athletes has greatly affected advances in sporting records
Computer Technology In Sport
Computer technology has improved training regimes for athletes through uses computer analysis to monitor performance as well as virtual practice
Sport and computer technology has been greatly intertwined over the years
Timing, integrated with "slit video system" provides accuracy with 2000 images a second
Motion Analysis
Analyze video film of an athlete minute by minute with different angles
Can be 3D as well
Virtual Reality
Stimulate a real-life scenario
Ideal for training
Most prominent improvement is the material in which equipments are made out of
Elasticity allows for more freedom in movement
Contains wicking properties that draw moisture away from the athlete's body

On the Track
Synthetic sheets of neoprene offers greater shock absorption
Reduces drag in water
Compresses muscles and limits vibration in the muscle tissues and ultimately reduces lactic acid build-up
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players are required to wear helmets
water and sweat absorbent leather ---> synthetic materials
sticks are made with curves
former heat reataining equipment caused huge problems with heatstroke
undergarments made from hydroweave
100-130 deaths in Canada and 50,000 injuries
risk of significant head injury
helmets reduce energy aborsbed by the skull by over 90 percent
1800s players wore thin layer of padding and no helmet
Helmets made from strong protective plastics
Video Analysis in Sport
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