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Chapter 6 - Power and Influence

No description

Cara McCarty

on 3 August 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 6 - Power and Influence

Chapter Six - Power and Influence Cara McCarty
Lisa Kochitty
Daniel Yousif Influence
4 Main influence tactics

1. Impression Management
2. political
3. reactive
Time Magazine 2010 t0p 100
Most Influential people Power has the ability to influence others Power types and sources Legitimate Power Reward Power Coercive Power Information power Ecological Power Personal Power Referent Power Expert Power WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND POWER... cASE sTUDY INFLUENCE Position Power http://www.time.com/time/video/player/0,32068,81679008001_1986202,00.html Amy McPherson is the executive vice president of global sales and marketing for Marriott. She was named one of the top “Women Who Mean Business” by the Washington Business Journal, honoring the region’s most influential business women. Ms. McPherson is also a corporate officer for Marriott International. 11 Proactive Tactics 1. Rational Persuasion
2. Apprising
3. Inspirational Appeals
4. Consultation
5. Exchange
6. Collaboration
7. Personal Appeals
8. Ingrtiation
9. Legitimating Tactics
10. Pressure
11. Coalition Tactics
Restview Hospital Mary Carter : accounting manager Jack Morelli : facility administrator
Mary researches software to implement at Restview handling accounts-billing ...(Mary) chooses Reliable Computer's vendor ...Standard Software considered after pressured from Jack ...Vendors considered after research and reviewing actual use in other organizations Jack sabotaged Mary's time/research at board of directors meeting ...convinces directors to choose Standard (?) Restview incurs THOUSANDS in unnecessary expenses...
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