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Conservation Of Energy Project

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Alexis Jones

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Conservation Of Energy Project

What is energy ?

How is energy measured ?
Energy is measured in units called joules. (J)
Other types of energy:
1. Elastic Energy- energy stored as a result of deformation of an object such as stretching a spring

2. Rotational Energy- the kinetic energy due to the rotation of an object
What is meant by "Conservation Of Energy" ?
The Conservation of Energy means that energy can change forms but cannot be created or destroyed.
Name five types of energy.
1. Kinetic Energy- energy in motion

2. Potential Energy- stored energy

3. Sound Energy- movement of energy through substances in longitudinal waves.

4. Light (Radiant) Energy- electromagnetic energy that travels in transverse waves

5. Thermal Energy- (heat) internal energy in substances
Conservation Of Energy Project
Energy is the ability to cause change.
Alexis Jones
Beeman-5th Period
April 10, 2014

The sun transfers
thermal (heat) energy
light (radiant) energy
to the plants. The stored energy from the sun is in the plants as
chemical energy
potential energy
. The sun is also an example of
nuclear energy
because it is used to generate useful heat.
When people eat plants, the
mechanical (potential) energy
is transferred to us. The energy in the food is
chemical energy
. This energy causes us to use

to be able to do exercise.
3. Solar Energy- radiant energy emmitted by the sun
The person stops running because he gets tired.
Which turns into
potential energy
because he has
used up all of his energy.
Johnny is trying to make the final point for his soccer team to win the game. Johnny's leg is moving back in motion which is
kinetic energy
to get a good kick. The ball which is on the grass is the
potential energy
because the ball is not moving. When Johnny kicks the ball,
thermal energy
occurs because there is friction between the ball and the grass. Lastly, when Johnny's foot hit against the ball, it made a sound which was
sound energy
Example 1 : 2 Step Energy Transfer
Example 2 : 2-Step Energy Transfer
Example 3 : 2-Step Energy Transfer
The toaster is plugged up. The toaster turns on which is
electrical energy
. The toaster heated up and the lights come on which is
thermal and light

. The bread is put in the toaster. When the bread pops out of the toaster, this is called
kinetic energy
. The bread is now toast after being in the toaster. This is
chemical energy
Examples of 2-Step Energy Transfers
Example 1 : 4-Step Energy Transfer
Melissa is holding the battery. This is
potential energy
. The battery has
chemical energy
because chemicals are stored in the battery. Melissa puts the battery in the lamp and plugs it up which is
mechanical (kinetic)

. The lamp is an example of
electrical energy
when it comes on. The lamp gives off
light energy

from the light bulb.
Example 2 : 4- Step Energy Transfer
Examples of 4-Step Energy Transfers
The End !
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