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choose my landscape

No description

Viridiana Corral

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of choose my landscape

The main character is him, the writer remembering years ago of his life . If i could choose my landscape
of memorable things, my landscape
of desolated autumn,
I would choose , steal this street
that is in front of me and everyone.

She returns my useless glance
of barely the last fifteen or twenty years
when the green house poisoned the sky.
That's why it's cruel to leave her recently darkened
with so many balconies like private nests
and so many steps like never before expected.
Here, they always be here, the enemies ,
the treacherous spies of solitude,
women's legs that drag my eyes,
far from the equations of two unknowns.

Here are birds, rains , some death,
dry leaves, loudspeakers and desolated names,
clouds that are growing on my window
while the dampness laments and flies.

Nevertheless the past also exist
with its unexpected roses and modest scandals
with his harsh sounds of anxiousness
and its insignificant desire memories.

Oh if I could choose my landscape
I would choose,steal this street
this recently darkened street
in which I am cruelly revived
and of which I know with strict nostalgia
the numbers and the names of its seventy trees. This poem refers to memories and dreams that everyone has. The poem talks about his life, and how greatness would be to choose always remember the beautiful in life.Also, tells of physical things that are pleasing to our eyes and stay recorded in our memory.At the same time, the poem talks about finding a place that is not always physical and exist only in our self-reflection. This poem talks about those good memories that produce happiness and pleasant feelings that heal the soul. Also, the poem mention the bad times that he could lived. Bad memories and experiences like the best are enjoyed and recorded on us. It looks like if there were three leves in life ; that we live, the one that we remember, and that one...the perfect moment where you can sit and watch your life go by. Chossing My Landscape Mario Benedetti 1920-2009 He was an Uruguayan journalist,novelist, and poet. He was considered one of the Latin American's most important 20th century writers. The theme is the memories, the life , and the good and bad moments that this bring to us. The setting is a house, perhaps green color in a neighborhood full of trees. Thank you
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