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Six Universal Conflicts

No description

Kyle Karum

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Six Universal Conflicts

Character vs...
The 6 Major Conflicts in Plot lines
Character vs. Character
Character vs. Nature
Character vs. Self
Character vs. Supernatural
Character vs. Destiny
Character vs. Society
The original 3
The new 3
- Used to be titled "Man vs..."
- Traditional Stories have 1 overarching conflict
- Many have smaller, but still relevant conflicts
- These make the story interesting
- Gives the story a plot
- New age thinking is straying away from conflicts
- The new three are more like sub-genres
- Conflicts AKA Narratives
- Closely related to Character vs. Character
- Pits a character against a group people, social norms, or man-made institution
- Requires a lot of develop of the protagonist
- Most commonly used in dramas

12 Angry Men, V for Vendetta, 1984, Charlotte's Web
- Most common type of conflict
- Pits two individuals against each other
- Defined as an external conflict
- Protagonist vs. Antagonist (Hero vs. Villain)
- Could be a range of oppositions

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan/Hook, The Most Dangerous Game, etc...
- Second most used conflict
- Also considered an external struggle
- Usually an animal/s or force of nature
- Very common in adventure based stories

Dante's Peak, The Perfect Storm, Moby Dick, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Little Shop of Horrors, Jumanji, etc...
- The least used of the original 3
- Pits one character against him/herself
- Defined as an internal struggle
- Stories develop around one character
- Usually a secondary conflict

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The Incredible Hulk,
The Nutty Professor, Spider-Man 3
Examples Discussion
- Closely related to Character vs. Nature
- Pits a character against an entity of a supernatural nature
- Usually requires lots of special effects
- Has become more popular in the 2000s
- Commonly used in horror films

Shaun of the Dead, Signs, Gremlins, I am Legend
- Closely related to Character vs. Self
- Pits a character against a predetermined destiny
- The rarest of the new three
- Also more widely used as a sub-conflict

Premonition, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 , Macbeth
Example Discussion
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