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Why the British Wanted to Make New Zealand a colony

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Hiyori Nakano

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Why the British Wanted to Make New Zealand a colony

Why the British Wanted to Make New Zealand a Colony
By Hiyori Nakano
There were a number of countries wishing to take control of New Zealand. The original settlers were Polynesians from Eastern Polynesia. Then New Zealand was colonized by a number of Europeans powers, from Britain and France. Also, North American whalers, traders and settlers came, although Britain still had the most power over New Zealand.
Which Countries Were Coming to NZ?
Britain was searching for a land in order to obtain more power and influence over other countries, especially France. Britain found New Zealand promising, because of the amount of land and resources it offered. Since the streets of Britain were getting more and more overpopulated, New Zealand was a good place to colonize and offer their citizens a new start.
Why Did These Britain want to Come to NZ?
New Zealand also had many valuable resources up for grabs, such as precious gold mines and useful minerals and materials the Europeans had not come across before.

From the 1790s, the waters around New Zealand were regularly visited by British, French and American whaling and trading ships. Their crew traded European goods, such as guns and metal goods for food, water, flax and other valuable resources.
The British convinced the native Maori people to sign the Treaty of Waitangi, stating that New Zealand would belong to the crown of England. Britain was motivated by the desire to exceed other European powers (France established a very small settlement at Akaroa in the South Island later in 1840) and to facilitate the British people.
Maori chiefs were motivated by a desire for protection from foreign powers, and to allow for wider settlement that would increase trade and prosperity for them.The signing on 6 February 1840 marked the beginning of organized British colonization of New Zealand.
Treaty of Waitangi
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