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Train the Trainer

No description

Gilberto Suarez

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Train the Trainer

Evaluate yourself
Student Participation
Train the Trainer
Improving your teaching skills
Gestures, body language, and use of space.
Difficult Audience
Tips and warnings
Do not put both hands in your pockets
Do not overuse the same gesture
Avoid holding written notes
Interactive Introductions and Conclusions
Audiences make a judgement in 30-60 seconds
Opening sets the entire tone
In the first minute you introduce
Introduction to teaching adults
Using Nonverbal Communication
Overheads & Slide shows
Learning Names
Select 4 or 5 rules
State them in a positive way
Think of examples
Post them in the classroom
Effective Instructions
Be clear and specific
Few instructions
Use simple language
Logical order
Rate of speech
Check for understanding
Positive reinforcement
Listen intently
Differentiate classroom mistakes from personal failure
Engage and Motivate your audience
Eye contact
Enjoy yourself
Energize your voice
Ask questions
How to use hand gestures
Managing difficult students
Never ignore the behaviors
Allow them to be themselves
Unproductive must be stopped
Always stay centered
Don't put students down in front of others
Maintain a good attitude
Address verbally
Don't be afraid to ask them to leave the room
Talk privately with the student
Set expectations
Refocus the attention of the rest of the class
Don't ever embarrass or humiliate a student
Did you spend enough time researching?
What would you do differently?
Did you give 100%?
Did I "lose" them?
Have fun
Be the role model
Listening and Responding
Prepare open-ended questions
Display the question to help them focus
If the questions are challenging or they are shy, distribute the question before
Pause before you call on anyone
Do not answer your own questions
Be quick to learn them
Start with your name and background
Write it on a piece of paper
Use it at all times
Be honest
Circulate around the class
Be there before them and leave after
Clarify and be consistent
Use humor
Pitch inflection
Rhythm and pacing
Using pauses and silence
Vocal Quality
Engaging the Audience
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