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Things We (Might) Believe about University Research

An introduction to a class in information literacy or research instruction.

William Badke

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Things We (Might) Believe about University Research

Things We (Might) Believe about University Research
It's common to believe certain things because they make sense. But sometimes reality gets in the way...
Everything I need for university research I can pretty much find with Google.
Professors say Wikipedia is bad. I used to like it, but if I'm going to be a real student, I'm going to have to learn to hate it.
If I have to use one of the library databases like the catalogue or EBSCO, it's all good, because I only need a keyword or two and the first five results.
Libraries are old school, and nobody knows what librarians actually do. They certainly can't help me.
But we could be wrong.
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