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South Carolina

No description

LJ Oxley

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of South Carolina

South Carolina
BY: LJ Oxley
South Carolina was the 8th state established in May 23,1788. It's capital is Columbia. South Carolina borders North Carolina,Georgia,and Tennessee. South Carolina state motto's are "Prepare mind and resources" "While I breathe,I hope." State nickname"Palmetto State"

Wild Life
South Carolina's
state animal the white tailed deer

South Carolina has alot of alligators
South Carolina's state bird the Carolina wren
South Carolina's Plant's
This is South Carolina's state flower the Carolina jessamine.
South Carolina's state tree the Palmetto
South Carolina is home to the Clemson Tigers
South Carolina's state dog the Boykin Spaniel
South Carolina's is also home to the University of South Carolina
USC vs Michigan
About South Carolina
South Carolina's state seal
South Carolina's state tree the Palmetto

South Carolina's state flower the yellow jesamine
South Carolina's state bird the Carolina wren
Joe Frazier
Joe Frazier was born on January 12,1944 he was a famous boxer from South Carolina. He beat Mahammad Ali. Later on he won the Olympic gold medal. He retired in 1976. He later on trained his son Marvis who wasn't that successful. He was in a few Hollywood movies. He later on died on November 7,2011
1524.A Italian explorer Giovanai da Verrazano arriving at cape fear, exploring the Carolina coast of France
A spanish explorer Hernado de Soto explored the area for gold
1609. Henry Hudson a English explorer and a navigator, he explored the area
1788. South Carolina became apart of the union it was the 8th state
1859. John Brown charged Harpers Ferry and set motion events that led directly to the outbreak
1865.The surrender of Robert E. Lee on April 9th, 1865 signaled the endmof the Confedercy
Natural Resources
Have lots of land
Have lots of water
Have soil
You can fish
You can hunt
Andron Stainless cooperation
They are a high quality company. Of stainless steel products for food,dairy,beverage, and
1653. Nathaniel Batts became the earliest permanet settler in South Carolina
1712. Carolina became a different colony
1729. North and South Carolina became two colonies South Carolina became apart of the English colony
1909. Cambell cover bridge built in 1909 is the only one still standing
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