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Today's PRactice: Depts & Firms

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Sadie Wilks

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Today's PRactice: Depts & Firms

Intro to Public Relations
MC 3010
In-House Counsel
vs. Outsourcing


PR departments that closely align with their companies' strategic business goals have greater support, larger budgets and higher perceived value
...three examples of corporate management
PR reports directly to President/CEO

PR as an equal to other depts (HR, Mkt, Legal)

PR as an integrated comm dept, reports to VP

This ONLY works if you know the language...

Graphic design, social media, SEO, get technical!


Media relations
Strategy & planning
Event planning
Influencing the C-suite, CEO
Relationships with others
Professional experience
Performance record
Persuasive skills with top execs
Professional expertise
Trend Toward Outsourcing

USC Study:
25 percent of PR budgets spent on outside firms
90 percent of large companies used outside firms
What are the most frequently outsourced activities?
PR Today - Recap

Moving toward strategic communication rather than employing tacticians
Focus is on building long-term relationships with two-way communication
Why? Reduces costs of:
-less time spent on clean up!
Organizational Factors Determine Role of PR

Org structure - how complex?
Top managment - how do they perceive their comm staff?
Skills of PR executives

Services Provided by Firms

Why are we using them?

Variety of skills/expertise
Extensive resources
Offices around the country
Special problem-solving skills

Review chart on p. 83 in text
Superficial understanding of clients
Lack of full time commitment
Prolonged briefing
Resentment by internal staff
Need strong direction by top execs
Need full info and confidence
High costs!
Department or Firm?

Depth vs. Breadth

When might internal staff prefer to use outside firm?

Adding Value
Line or Staff?

What's the difference?
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