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Film Techniques

No description

Abbey Morton

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of Film Techniques

Film Techniques:
Over the shoulder shot:
Panning shot:
low angle shot
High angle shots:
The over the shoulder shot is a shot that is used when their are usually two or more characters are talking to each other.

Directors might use this technique to focus the audiences attention on one particular actor at a time. this shot can show what the character not facing the camera is looking at.

Panning shots is when the camera is put in one spot and pans left or right at a constant rate. This shot would usually show the scene or to track something.

A director might use this shot when showing the scene or where the character is. They might also show this shot to track an object or follow movement.
Extreme close up:
Extreme close ups is when the camera is focusing on something small with a lot of detail. This is usually used when trying to see emotion or reaction on the character.

a director might use this shot when emphasizing a theme and showing the reaction of the character. this shot can also show something that is important and is also has a dramatic effect.
High angle shots, this is used to make a character look smaller than they actually are. the camera is placed at a high angle filming down on the character.

A director might use this shot when trying to make a character look smaller and more vulnerable. they might use this technique when the character is facing a strong powerful enemy or someone against them.
low angle shots are used to show a character looking larger than they actually are. usually giving the effect that they are intimidating.

The director might use this technique to make a character seem more intense and scary. This shot could be used when the character is made to be stronger or looking down on the other characters.
Medium shot:
A medium shot is usually shot from the waist or knee up. this shot usually puts emphasis on what the character are doing or saying making the audience focusing on it.

A director might use his shot when the characters are speaking or doing something that is important, creating the whole focus on that. This shot is very common as it can easily shows the reactions clearly in the characters and their actions.
Music can add effect to the scene, for this example the audience can tell that it is happy by the upbeat music being played in the background.

A director might use this technique to emphasize the theme that is taking place in the scene.
By: Abigail Morton
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