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Hurricane Isaac- 5 Themes of Geography

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Annika L

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Hurricane Isaac- 5 Themes of Geography

By: Annika Larson Hurricane Isaac
5 Themes of Geography Hurricane Isaac came to the Gulf Coast from Africa, and it hit mostly around the Gulf of Mexico (Florida., Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Mexico, and more) The hurricane covered over 3000 miles in ten days. The hurricane hit 30*N, 90*W and hit 15*N, 75*W. These were some of the main areas the storm hit. The second coordinate is in the middle of the Caribbean Sea where the storm passed through.
(Article 1) ~Location~ ~Place~ Hurricane Isaac is far away from Indiana. It is around the Gulf Coast (Gulf of Mexico.) Even though this hurricane is far from Indianapolis, the storm was so big we even got huge thunderstorms over Labor Day weekend. The places hit were all very tropical
and nearby the ocean so they had beaches and some were probably common vacation spots.
(Articles 1 and 3) ~Human
and Environment
Interactions~ The hurricane is causing a big problem for
humans because the violent water and winds
are destroying homes, clothing and certain
necessities of life. In a video I watched there is a company saving animals from the hurricane and helping them if they were hurt. I think that is a very good thing because I'm sure some people lost pets or animals from farms.
(Article 1 and video on Link one, Article 2) ~Movement~ When Hurricane Isaac was coming the people in the area had to evacuate their homes. Forecasters predicted lots of damage which could threaten many innocent lives.
(Article 2) Region Hurricane Isaac mostly hit the Coastal Plain region, but it hit some other parts slightly. The Great Plains, Appalachian Mountains, and Interior Lowlands were all affected by the hurricane along with the Coastal Plains. One of the other main Regions effected was the Caribbean.
(Article 1) Location- Can be relative or absolute.
Relative Location is when you describe a place through landmarks or how near or far it is. Absolute location is telling the exact location of a place. You use absolute location when using longitude and latitude or when using a street address. Place is asking the question, "What is
it like?" You describe place using physical and human characteristics. Examples of physical characteristics: Bodies of water (lakes, oceans, seas) or
landforms (mountains, plains.)
Examples of human characteristics: Bridges, roads, highways, etc. We depend on, modify, and adapt to our
environments. This is Human Environment Interaction. We depend on the environment for transportation (Boats) and for food and for supplies (wood and minerals.) We adapt by wearing the right clothes for the right weather. We modify the environment by heating and cooling our homes and placing roads and highways for our convenience. Movement is the movement of people, products, and information/ideas. The movement of people is transportation. The movement of products is also by transportation. The movement of info is by mail, email, texting, etc. The movement of ideas is by the same things as info. Regions show human and physical
characteristics of a place which divides them up into groups for geographical study.
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